Volume CLXXVII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; A Summer Eyes-A-Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for being here. I have a Truly inspirational Edition for You today, People. I Will be tall King about My most recent attempt to advocate for the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People, and how I Will be Moving for-Ward (Ward=Protect-Sean) with My Statement of Claim. We really are in the Last Chapter of My Story and there may only be a few Scenes left in that Chapter! Yes, We really are getting close to the End!!!

And for those that don’t know, if I use three exclamation marks, I am not yelling at You, three exclamation marks equals a Crown. !!! See, doesn’t it kind of look like a Crown? That’s why there are three exclamation marks after ‘God Save the Queen!!!’. And for those who Truly are interested in Magic and the Divine relationship between Magic and God, and how that Symbolism rings a bell with respect to the Rule of Law, consider that a King or Queen represents God on earth. Her Majesty is not only considered to be Head of State of the Commonwealth and Canada, Her Majesty is also presumed to be God’s representative on earth. So, “God Save the Queen!!!” (or King if so be the case) is telling Us what God should do very explicitly. When One Claims God’s Kingdom, One Claims their Sovereign State of being as King or Queen of their Holy Temple (Mind, Body and Soul), and is God’s representative on earth. In this Way, the duty of a Sovereign People is the same as the Duty of the Queen; protecting the Crown and what Her Majesty represents, is to protect the right of Sovereignty under God. That right is also expressed legally as the right of Self determination [free Will].

Well, I had no Intention of getting into any of that today, though I think it makes for a Good preamble for this Post because this really is a very Special, Super Natural Son Day Edition with Special emphasis on the ‘Son’, as We are all Heirs to God’s Kingdom, Our Father in Heaven, regardless Our sex.

So, to very quickly ‘Summer Eyes’ not only the last week, but the last two months, I was addressed by a Style of My name I find deeply offensive specifically because I have studied law and read how that Style of name is defined by Canada; it represents a diminution of legal status defining an artificial legal entity with no rights of citizenship or family. Now, just to be clear, I’m not even asserting that’s what it actually means. I just don’t understand any reason for using such an obscure legal concept (as it was described by Justice Sally A. Gomery) to address a Man and decided to look it up. I would like to think it doesn’t mean what the linguistics and terminology databank of the Canadian government defines it to mean, but if it is no longer relevant and doesn’t mean anything at all, then why would a Man be required to accept mail in that Style of name under threat of economic duress? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to Me, but that’s what Housing Services did.

It is a trespass upon My right of Self determination and My Spiritual rights with respect to My belief in My name being a Sacred, God Given Gift that should be Honoured as it was Given Me by God. I agreed to accept the mail addressed to this offensive Style of My name under duress and without prejudice, and advised Housing Services I would also charge them $100,000.00 per instance if the offense is repeated, and a Claim Will be filed against them for that amount in Canada’s Courts.

Well, they just decided not to mail Me a renewal package at all and threatened to revoke My subsidy for failing to return documents they refused to send Me. They also ignored My emails protesting the revocation of My subsidy even after letting them know I don’t have the materials they were as King of Me for. I filed a Statement of Claim against them on the 18th of June, and finally received the package I was as King of them for three days after the date they had been threatening to revoke My subsidy. The Statement of Claim was dismissed by dis-Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery on July 19th.

Not exactly a huge surprise based on previous experiences with the city of Ottawa and Canada’s Courts, but certainly disappointing and it really doesn’t make for much Good News here on the Good News Journal, does it? Hard for Me to keep insisting that Canada’s system of Law is perfect if I can’t demonstrate that fact due to a lack of competent Judicial bodies. I was expecting to come across a few incompetent politicians (or several), but I was not anticipating I would find such sufficient stores of incompetence in Canada’s Courts. Abdication of duty seems to be commonplace among Canada’s ‘State Actors’.

The dis-Honourable Justice not only failed to provide relief and remedy for the harm that was done to Me by state actors, but continued to trespass upon My right of Self determination at least twenty addition times in her determination. Either she is Truly incompetent and should not be sitting on the bench at all, or she Willfully tried to diminish My legal status and standing in law and completely disregard her obligations to provide relief and remedy for inherent rights violations protected under the UNCCPR, and legally binding upon all ‘State Actors’ in Canada, including Judges.

We won’t bother getting into the antics at the Courthouse or this won’t be much of a ‘Summer-Eyes-A-Sean’ of events, We Will continue with the important details. Fraud and perjury are not admissible on a Court of Record, so the Order means nothing. At the same time, it can’t remove itself from the system, some One has to let the Court know there is fraud and perjury on the Court of Record. I Motioned the Court to let them know, Ordering the Justice’s determination to be Vacated from the Record, and for the Judge to be recused or suspended from further adjudication related to My Matter. To this day, We are still waiting to hear back from the Court on that Motion.

Because the Courts did not respond and it is necessary for Me to protect My reputation and Honour, I placed the dis-Honourable Justice on Notice of Criminal Liability on Friday, the 13th of August. Silly Sally has thirty days to Vacate the Order herself, or I am charging her the same $100,000.00 per instance of violation of My inherent rights and trespass upon My Sacred calling, as well as Holding her liable for the amount in damages I was as King of the city for, as she is also responsible for interfering with My access to Justice for failing to provide relief and remedy for My inherent rights violations. The total amount Sally A. Gomery is liable to Me for is $2,510,800.00, and I Will Issue a Claim against her performance bond in that amount if the Order is not Vacated by September 13th, 2021.

So, that gets You up to date. Now for the really Good News! Did You know that Justices and Judges in Canada are immune to defamation suits? Yes, it is True and one of the other problems I have discovered with Canada’s legal system. No judge or justice is above the law, the People are the authority of government in Canada and any Commonwealth country. The only reason this could be True, is if the linguistics and terminology databank for Canada’s government is correct and does mean something. It means that the artificial legal person is inferior in jurisdiction and authority to a Court judge or justice. The justice is only above the Law because the Courts are not recognizing the Sovereignty of Canada’s People.

I’m going to let You read this article which talks about what happens when Judges or Justices make mistakes. One cannot bring a lawsuit against a Judge or Justice, one must complain to the Justice Council of Canada (We already did that as soon as We noticed there was fraud and perjury in the determination). Wouldn’t You know, My favourite Canadian lawyer is mentioned in the article, too, Rocco Galati, complaining about how too incorrect it is to have Judges judging judges. There needs to be an external body to the Court Judges that review determinations and make sure Justices are Honouring their position of office.

However, I actually can sue a Justice! I have two reasons. The first, is that I outrank her by Way of her own determination, and I am legitimately thing King she is too ignorant or foolish to real eyes that! But, the other reason I can sue her is because the exception to the immunity clause, is that the Justice must be acting in an official capacity to be immune from prosecution. This Justice abdicated her duties, is not acting in an official capacity because her determination and Order was made off the Court of Record by Way of private pleadings that do not exist on the Court of Record. She was not Acting in her official capacity, she was acting outside of it.

Finally, (and yes, this is the REAL cliffhanger I’ve been leading You to), if the Ontario Superior Court of Justice suggests I cannot Claim on silly Sally’s bond, I am Officially going to be filing a Statement of Claim into the world’s international Courts!

Yes, I found the website by accident! I was just wondering if I could proceed with My Charges against the Justice in an international Court if Canada Will not Honour the Claim, and this is what I found!

I’ve already started My homework for preparing My next lawsuit against Justice Sally A. Gomery. I told You, one thing I Will not tolerate is someone slandering My Sacred Calling on a Court of Record. Sally A. Gomery produces a supreme claim of right upon the Calling that was Given Me by God, or she is liable to Me for $2,510,800.00. And I Give You My Word, People, I Will win this Claim!!!

Love and Blessings!!!

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