Volume CCXLII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Judgment Day – Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata for Contempt of Court

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is perhaps the most Fabulous Friday in Deed ever!!! I know that probably sounds hard to believe, but it’s a pretty Significant day for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and not one I’m likely to ever forget any time soon considering the date, 11.11.22. It is Remembrance Day today, and there could not be a more Wonder Full event to celebrate the end of war and the beginning of the Golden Dawn than The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata being awarded against the Respondents of the Claim for their contempt of Court!!!

It’s been a pretty busy week for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, really, all things considered. On Monday I received a Letter from Justice Hooper threatening to ‘notify the Ottawa police’ or charge Me with contempt of Court if I do not remove the Audio Recording of the Motion. You can now also find the audio file on My Spotify Podcast, The Kingdom of God.

Of course, I responded to the Court to let them know why I had Recorded the Audio, and that uninhibited public access to Court proceedings is a protected Charter right in Canada. I was a little alarmed by the Letter from Justice Hooper, but I kind of brushed it off as more of a formality to appease the Defendants than an actual threat, and I figured once I cited the Charter rights of Canada that allow Me to Publish the Audio Recording of the Motion, that would be the end of it. But that was not the end of it.

Just before 5:00 Monday afternoon, I received a second letter from Judge Hooper. This time I was legitimately feeling threatened because she ignored every single legal and lawful argument I had made that affords Me the right to Publish the Audio Recording. That tells Me she’s not listening, which means she’s not Honouring the Provisions afforded to her by the Ministry of the Attorney General and Department of Justice.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, unable to sleep because I was worried the police could show up anytime, I considered how ridiculous it is that I should be the one feeling threatened?! So My second letter was a Notice to the Court. I’m including it below in addition to the links already provided because these are the Last Words on the Matter as I Write this Post. For Matrix IV Interpret a Sean’s, the date of this Letter was 11.08.22.

The antics continued on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I finally had enough of the accusations against Me. So tired of hearing The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim is ‘a colossal attack on the Casullo Endorsement’ when all Defendants know damn well I knew nothing about it at the time I filed My Claim. They had no intention of ever telling Me about it if I hadn’t filed the Claim, they had no intention of filing any documents with the Court ever!!!

After being threatened with contempt of Court for attempting to preserve Justice and the Charter rights of Canada’s People (including My own), I figured it was time to make that charge against My opponents in stead. Shortly after 10:00 Avant Midi, Lucky Wednesday morning, I placed all of the Defendants on Notice of Contempt of Court for fraud and perjury on the Court of Record with criminal intent to pervert the course of Justice and the Rule of Law. Matrix reference 11.09.22.

Now, the Notice of Contempt might not seem like a big deal, but every One was responding rather quickly to One another until I responded to Christopher and Neil with My opposition to their Motion – neither One responded to deny any of My allegations. Only Rosen Sack chimed in with something irrelevant like, ‘looks good guys’, or something. Their narcissistic, arrogant attitude was making Me sick to My stomach. These are actual criminals knowingly perpetrating fraud on the Court, and they believe they Will get away with it presumably because I’m not a lawyer, I’m a King. But not a Word from any of the Defendants after I sent them the first email Notice of Contempt.

Yesterday, I Promised I would be sending a Final Notice of Motion for Contempt of Court at 7:37 Friday morning, 11.11.22. I advised them that if I do not receive proof of service of the Casullo Endorsement upon Me and a copy of the Application filed with the Registrar with the Errors in Application form and all attachments required by the Court before 5:00 Post Midi today, I Will be as King to have the Rule 21 Motion converted to a Motion for Judgment and Default Judgment Will be awarded against them for contempt of Court, and they Will satisfy the Claim or be subject to criminal prosecution as per the terms and conditions tacitly agreed to by failing to respond to My Reply Factum.

Of course, We know Hala Tabl didn’t file any Application with the Registrar, so she’s can’t provide the inform a Sean I am as King for!!! Same goes for proof of service of the Casullo Endorsement, and attempting to perpetrate that lie is very much perjury and fraud on a Court of Record with criminal intent to unfairly influence Justice and defame My Character. So of course, 5:00 rolled around and still no Word from any of the Defendants since I sent the first Notice of Contempt Wednesday morning. Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit (he says nothing), Res Judicata (Judgment is final) was awarded against them, and I followed that up shortly thereafter with the actual Notice of Motion for Contempt of Court on the Ottawa Courthouse, advising that none of the Respondents appear to have any opposition to the Motion and were Given plenty of time to respond. 😉

And, just for the sake of interest, this is what Form 31 looks like, which is included with the above email along with the rest of the email Notices served upon the Defendants, with an Affidavit of Service of all the Notices as well.

Honestly, I have no Idea what to expect but so far I’ve legitimately heard no protest to My Motion, which is a big surprise already. Now it’s filed with the Court and I don’t believe it is a coincidence that it happens to be Remembrance Day. I have a feeling this Will be a memorable One.

Really, if the Defendants don’t respond, that should be the end of it – it’s more than a little surprising they’ve had nothing to say.

I hope all is well with the rest of Man’s Macrocosm, this is the Apocalypse, the unveiling of Mysteries…

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I believe this Motion Will now be My most downloaded document, let’s watch Words Magically Manifest!!!


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