Volume CCXLIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Lawyers, Liars, Pants on Fire – The Criminal Conduct of Christopher Crisman-Cox and Neil Milton

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, Your Moral Highness is always welcome. Today was another Motive a Sean all Monday because the antics of these criminal clowns who call their Self lawyers continued, despite the fact they have been Noted in Contempt of Court for attempting to perpetrate a known fraud on the Court in Order to defame My Character and pervert the course of Justice. That is all the Motive a Sean needed this Monday to Cast a couple more Spells of Magic!

I do enjoy watching Viva Frei and Robert Barnes from time to time, and a couple of common strategies in many lawsuits they discuss and analyze are projection and gaslighting. I had no Idea how infuriating this strategy can be from the perspective of the One on the receiving end of a gaslighting and project Sean strategy. I’ve suffered even more harm as a victim of their contempt for the Rule of Law and continuous Character attacks since I filed this Claim! It was the one thing I was Truly not expecting – I thought they would at least provide Me with disclosure regarding the Estate so that they wouldn’t be able to say that they hadn’t, the last thing I expected was to learn of other breaches of Trust by Way of a new Endorsement and other meetings with Court officials in violation of Rule 1.09! It seemed preposterous to Me that they would. THEN they suggest the Claim is ‘a colossal attack’ on a Judge’s Endorsement to an Application that I knew NOTHING about! And they KNOW I knew nothing about it, this is why it’s called Project Sean – their hope is that I Will be so furious to learn of this new information, that My behaviour and reaction to it can be Characterized as ‘frivolous and vexatious’. That’s the entire strategy of My legal opponents in a nutshell.

To add to this infuriating strategy, they send emails back and forth as though they just won the last Motion hearing they didn’t Show up for, failing to acknowledge that My uncontested Reply Factum now stands as FACT on the Court of Record. When I mention it and tell them I would like them to explain why they do not feel they are liable to Me for the crimes they’ve already tacitly agreed to have perpetrated on Me, they pretend as if I’ve said nothing at all and continue to communicate amongst their Self.

This is when it is important to be vigilante in One’s defense. They ARE trying to perpetrate fraud and perjury on a Court of Record with intent to defame My Character and influence Justice, which IS a criminal offense in a Court proceeding. If I don’t stand My ground now and be very clear and explicit with respect to why I am not consenting to any more motions or providing any availability, they Will also try to use that against Me by failing to let the Court know WHY I’m not providing availability, they Will simply say that I am ‘refusing’ to provide My availability, which is contempt of court – one could use such a tactic to delay proceedings indefinitely if it were not. So it is important for Me to counter that accusation before they even have an opportunity to suggest it. I figured placing them on Notice of Contempt and filing the Motion for Contempt would be sufficient – it wasn’t.

You can see that I’m addressing the Issues they are trying to ignore immediately. Failing to answer these Questions Will not look Good for them because silence is tacit agreement on a Court of Record. They MUST respond or failing to do so is considered fact regarding the Matter. Let’s face it, these are serious accusations, most People would Wish to dispute them to defend their Character. Ignoring such serious questions is a tactic recognized in the legal profession as ‘gaslighting’, and it IS also contempt of Court. People are expected to treat One another with Honour! Ignoring serious questions critical to the Claim as if they were never asked, is rude, belligerent and professional misconduct ‘unbecoming’ of a lawyer (except I am thing King it is in fact VERY becoming of lawyers/liars). Lawyers wonder why People have such a bad impress Sean of them? It’s because of exactly this type of childish, kindergarten behaviour. They can’t even have a grown up converse a Sean about the Matter!

Failing to provide examination of critical documents (disclosure) is another cause for contempt. They have no (valid) reason to withhold information anymore if they have nothing to hide, right? If they actually served Me with the Casullo Endorsement, or filed the completed application with the Court, would One not Wish to produce the receipt for filing and service of it on Me right away to extinguish the accusation forever? Of course they would, it’s just common sense. They are hoping that the Court Will just ‘forget’ that they’ve conceded to criminal mischief and Willful trespass upon My right to a fair and public hearing with criminal intent, and Will hope that the Court Will forget, too.

Later in the day, the office they are requesting the date for the hearing from (same Court, different email, different office) was as King to remove them from the email thread. Again, I would not normally include them in My correspondences, the purpose of doing so is to let the Court know that they are attempting to move forward with this Motion while gaslighting serious legal questions that directly make each of them liable for several causes of Action with criminal intent to cause harm. I already know that if I DON’T include the same office on these emails, they Will soon by telling the Court that I am in contempt for failing to provide My availability. This is why the Notice of Contempt was so important. Here is the email and My reply.

Seriously, THIS is what I mean by Vigilante! If I DON’T counter all of these ‘presumptions’, I’m presumed to tacitly agree that there is still no viable cause of action when both have conceded to criminal intent to trespass upon several of My rights and to defame My Character. If I don’t stand My ground, the Court Will presume I’m okay with these criminals not being held to account. Who else is going to do it? The Court Will not do anything unless One is as King of them to do something. The situation Will not just fix itself, I have to take action, and the proper Action in this case is a Motion for Contempt of Court.

A bonus for this Blog, is that I’m getting more traffic and downloads of My documents than EVER!!! This really is becoming a very Power Full tool for Me because People fear public scrutiny. Public accountability is very powerful, and the reason I shared ‘InForm’s Blog Post earlier today. Not a coincidence they are tall King about how new rules are restricting Public access to Court proceedings which is causing harm to Canada’s Justice system for lack of accountability.

My Friend believes I Will receive a reply to My Motion for Contempt on Lucky Wednesday! I have no Idea – for Me, the sooner, the better. Next only to the audio Recording of the Motion is the ‘Errors in Application Form’, a document I told My Friend may be My most Powerful piece of evidence. The fact that’s it’s now number two on My top ten list of downloads is Universal Confirm a Sean. 😉

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Wow, it was a busier day than I thought!!! I almost forgot to include the last email of the day, which was to update the information available for My Motion for Contempt of Court against the Respondents. And now THIS Will be My most downloaded document of the day. Let’s watch My Words Magically Manifest, Shall We? 😉

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