Volume CCLIV: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Public Case Conference, State Actors on Trial

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Moral Highness Honours My House. It is an especially Thrilling Thing King Edition today because ‘Lucky’ Wednesday (yesterday) was Our long awaited case conference hearing regarding My Father’s Estate (and the Claim against My sister’s application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee). This is relevant to Man’s Macrocosm as much as it is to My Microcosm because People are being attacked by institutions in Canada for expressing political opinions that oppose the narrative of the Trudeau (true-dough) liberal (there’s an oxymoron for You) government, and popular social media content Creators like Jordan Peterson are being ‘cancelled’ for holding what Justin Trudeau refers to as ‘unacceptable’ views (while simultaneously participating in ‘blackface’ costume ‘more times than he can know for sure’).

Yep, this is upside down world – Peace is war, war is Peace. Support for Ukraine means Peace for the Trudeau government where the sociopolitical climate really translates to mean war with Russia.

Yeah, Germany and Britain getting involved in the war against Russia now. I don’t know about You, but I’ve got no beef with Russia, I am thing King Vladamir Putin is kind of cool – closest thing the world has to a real life James Bond. I can’t understand why more People don’t like him (to be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure that more People than We are thing King actually do like Putin – it’s always the mainstream media telling the People to hate him). Seriouly, if Justin Trudeau and brain-dead Biden have some beef with Putin, why don’t We just set up an MMA (mixed martial arts for those who’ve been living under a rock) fighting cage and they can settle their differences in the ring without causing harm to any of their People? Wouldn’t that be great? The loser’s People re-Public their public Trust in government.

I also have some Significant News to share with You regarding Jordan Peterson and his experiences with the Trudeau gestapo. I had said here that what Jordan Peterson should do is make sure to record his review by the College of Psychology so that the college is held accountable to the People. If they have nothing to hide, they should have no objection to the review being made public, right?

Well, the other thing I am always tall King about is how My Words Magically Manifest and I am very Pleasantly surprised to hear that not only does the Good doctor Peterson intend to make the entire review process public, he is taking the time to redact the names of People who have complained against him to protect their reputation (much kinder than I would have been – if One Wishes to defame My Character publicly, they can defend their Honour publicly and stand on their arguments if they believe them to be warranted). But he is also doing what One should do in any Common Law country (of which Canada and all other colonies of the Crown inherently are), he is Writing the Man who is ultimately responsible for the Actions the College of Psychology are taking – Justin Trudeau!

Yes, Jordan Peterson, either by Way of moral instinct or perhaps suggested by his legal Friends (Jordan Peterson has mentioned that he has many Friends who are lawyers by profession), decided to place Justin Trudeau on Notice in his official capacity as an officer of Canada’s government violating the People’s constitution and inherent rights, which IS the ‘Public Trust’ binding all State Actors of any country by Writing him a Letter!

How long have I said that the very first due process of the Common Law, is to place People on Notice? There is no ‘legal’ formatting requirement, it does not necessarily need to be called or titled a ‘Notice of Liability’ or whatever, it can just be a heartfelt letter One Writes to express their grievances, it is the duty and obligation of any State Actor to address those grievances and ‘right’ their wrongdoings against the complainant (or justify their Actions with some narcissistic excuse for arrogance, which is most typically Trudeau’s default ‘go-to’).

Similarly, all the People offended by Peterson on Twitter had ample opportunity to contact Dr. Peterson directly and I’m reasonably confident he would have been more than Willing to come to some kind of amicably resolution. But none of his complainants did that, they went straight to the College of Psychology which is not due process! How can Peterson make right with People he doesn’t know he has wronged or offended?

At any rate, despite the fact that Writing a Letter to a State Actor is the first due process of Law in any Common Law country, most State Actors are completely incompetent or perhaps Willfully corrupt – I’ll leave that for My readers to determine for their Self, but most State Actors won’t even respond, they Will just ignore Jordan Peterson’s letter. And what do We know about ignorance and the Rule of Law? We know that ignorance is no excuse for the (Rule of) Law.

So One must also Keep a Public Record of their Notice to the offending party by Publishing the Letter in a Publication (or in this case, a Public-a-Sean). So Jordan Peterson Will have his Letter to Justin Trudeau Published in the National Post! Yeah, no joke! He was as King if they Will publish his Letter and the National Post said yes!!!

That is an amazing turn of events in and of it Self because ALL major media networks in Ottawa, Ontario and even Canada are owned by Post Media corporation (if You don’t believe Me, look it up), and they in turn are contributors to AP, or ‘the Associated Press’ which is the international legacy media. Considering Jordan Peterson is the most popular clinical psychologist who has ever lived (yeah, don’t thing We’ve ever had a celebrity level head shrink before), I am reasonably confident the article Will go viral when it is eventually published, and I Will do what I can to Keep You Posted.

I’ve also had some (small) developments in My own Microcosm with regards to My father’s Estate where My sister has perpetrated a fraudulent Estate application on Me, and is continuing to perpetrate her fraud on the Court – very interesting times in Deed! I’m reasonably certain that the Courts know all the Respondents to My Claim are in fact guilty of fraud at this point, though as an impartial judicial body, the Courts cannot do anything without a little direct-Sean.

Once again, I have made an Audio Recording of the Case Conference, though this time I am not anticipating any backlash for doing so.

The last time I made an Audio of the Rule 21 Motion to dismiss the Claim against My sister’s lawyer, Hala Tabl, I was intimidated by Justice Jaye Hooper who threatened to fine Me for contempt or report Me to the police?! I don’t ‘Self-identify’ with any State of Mind I may experience, though if I did I am thing King it Will be fair to say that police trigger what most would call ‘PTSD’ – the police of Canada are the only People on the planet who have both tortured Me and Willfully caused Me harm without provocation or consequence. When I see police, I feel the same Way I Imagine cats feel when I pick up a spray bottle (what’s that for, what are You doing!!!) – I remind My cats I have plants which enjoy the spray bottle.

The first small detail which was a little surprising, is the response from the Case Master’s office when I was as King for the Zoom link. The last time We had a Zoom meeting, the link showed up in Case Lines as an invitation, so I had Case Lines open again and figured the link would show up sometime before the hearing – it didn’t. So at a few minutes after 11:00, I Writ the Case Master Management office as King for the link. Here is the reply.

Now, why do I find this interesting? Never has the Court previously acknowledged ‘King Sean’ enough to actually address Me that Way in an official correspondence. The first Court Justice to get it right and Style both My name and the Trust correctly, was Justice Sally A. Gomery in her denial Endorsement of a Rule 2.1.01(6) Motion to dismiss. The difference is that Sally A. Gomery doesn’t have a choice unless she Wishes to appear Willfully belligerent on a Court of Record. A casual email from the Court as King about a Zoom link is not ‘required’ to address Me in any particular Way – ‘Sir’ would be fine and often there is no name at all, just a greeting like ‘Good morning’ or similar. It is just a very Honourable Way to address some One, and ‘King’ actually means something legally on a Common Law Court of Record. It’s a very subtle Way of indicating to opposing counsel that the Court does not Question how I Wish to be addressed, so why would opposing counsel? It’s a subtle Way to let My adversaries know that the Courts Will not be endorsing their attempt to gaslight this King! 😉

Trust Me when I tell You that the Courts often say much more by their silence. If One listens to the Case Conference, One Will Notice that I make it very clear to the Justice Kaufman that I Will be Keeping an audio Recording of any Zoom meeting where no public link is provided. All the Justice said was ‘Okay, You just have to let the Judge know at the hearing’.

I did tell Justice Kaufman that I was telling him so that it would be well known on the Court of Record and that I am not as King for permission, I am providing the provisions afforded to Me by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. Again, his response was, “okay, that’s fine”.

Like night and day difference from the last Motion hearing! Also, the demeanor of opposing counsel was entirely different. I don’t have a barometer for Neil Milton or Christopher Crisman-Cox, but Jenny Bogod did not have the air of arrogance her colleague Susan Sacks demonstrated in the last Motion hearing, opposing counsel appeared pretty somber if I had to describe in a Word. Maybe even concerned would be a better Word. You can even hear My sister chime in for a moment, tall King about why it’s okay for her to Write Me about whatever she Wishes, but I’m not allowed to email her to be as King any Quest-ions? Hmmm… I could hear the guilt in her Voice and I’m sure a Good Justice Will, too. She is foolish enough to be thing King that chiming in to defend her Actions Will somehow make her look better. I’m sure she got a mouthful from her counsel afterward, it would have been in her best interest to keep her mouth shut.

But the most surprising detail was the screen that appeared before the Case Conference hearing. It’s True, a Case Conference is meant to be less formal than a trial or other Court Motion proceedings, but I anticipated the ‘warning’ before entering the Court would be the same. However, there was only a Notice tall King about appropriate attire and conduct, not One Word about not recording the proceedings!!! It WAS very clearly expressed before the Court Motion last time, nothing said about it this time! Coincidence? Yeah, We don’t believe in those here.

A couple of other details I am thing King might interest You (maybe not but I find them interesting). First, My follow up regarding State Actors of Ontario Works in the City of Ottawa is getting an unusual amount of attention and downloads the day before Our Case Conference in particular! One of the other documents downloaded an unusual number of times, is My Motion of Contempt of Court served upon all the Respondents (over twenty downloads in a single day recently!). You can find that one below because We are still waiting for a reply to this Motion.

We also received the Endorsement of the Case Conference scheduling early this morning, I Will have it uploaded to My Blog later today and Will make it available for every One on this Public Record tomorrow (or when I Write next).

When I upload the Case Conference Endorsement, One can verify the email address to which the Motion of Contempt was sent (just to prove that the Motion IS still before the Court, and Kaufman anticipates We Will hear something soon – I Trust the Honourable Justice knows what he is tall King about) – I assure You it is correct. Why is this relevant?

Well, I’m sharing both My Motion to Vacate Sally A. Gomery’s Endorsement in another Matter (since withdrawn) and My Motion of Contempt in this Matter to Show that is does take time, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. My (ex-parte) Motion of Contempt against Sally A. Gomery took five weeks for the Court to respond to – long enough for Me to wonder if they would ever reply. But they did, and the reply was favouable, telling Me they Will hear the Motion and to serve My Motion materials on the City of Ottawa and file it with the Court. The point is, if the Court is NOT able to receive a Motion or materials sent to them, they WILL respond to say they cannot be accepted, they Will not let some One wait thing King their documents are filed only to discover there were problems.

The respondents may gaslight and pretend as though there is no Motion of contempt before the Court, but it does not change the facts, and their demeanor during the Case Conference made it evident they are not feeling as confident as they once were.

I’ll be back tall King about more of the Apocalypse taking place in Man’s Macrocosm later in the week.

Love and Blessings,

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