Volume CCLXVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Forget the Sheep, Find the Wolf… Queen?

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. There are a lot of Magical Spells that have been Cast into the Universe lately that Will have Magnificent Effect on Man’s Macrocosm – eventually. One such Magical Spell was Cast into Man’s Macrocosm some time ago, and it relates to the Discovery of Facts regarding the Pfizer product. I’ve been suggesting to My audience that We are Living in the Apocalypse. And an Apocalypse refers to the revealing of Truth, the emergence of light and a Golden Dawn after a long, dark night (Knight).

I’ve also Cast many Spells in My Microcosm, and I’m also tall King about how the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things. In My Microcosm, the Truth has come out, the criminals are exposed, We are now only waiting for Justice to prevail – and in God’s Kingdom, it always does. Every Action has an equal and opposing re-Act-Sean. 😉

We’ve seen the Play book of Our State Actors and We are ready to re-Write the Scipt these Characters Will Play for Our Final Act. After unlawful, unconstitutional lock downs, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, the Willfully deceitful narrative parroted by all government owned media platforms, destroying society, crushing Man’s Spirit (or trying very hard), redefining what a Man is by suggesting Man’s kind is One sex that is entirely subject to individual perspective and cannot be scientifically defined. And if You don’t agree with that perverted logic, You must be anti-science, transphobic, misogynistic and probably racist, too. You literally have to be insane to be able to agree with the narrative of the woke mob. It’s the most upside down the world can get, where madness is sanity, and sanity is madness. 6 is 9, 9 is 6.

The Magic of today’s Post relates to a very brief ‘Tell a Vision’ Edition I did once before on a Netflix documentary Titled, ‘The Family’. If You are interested, You can find those episodes here: The Family, The Family Part II, The Family Part III.

The relevance to today’s Post, is that this (not so Secret) Secret society studies from a Book Titled ‘Christ’, and the primary purpose is to study the teachings of Christ specifically without paying too much Mind to the rest of the Bible (or any other religious Book). One quote from this Book reads:

“Don’t worry about the sheep. Go out and reach the wolf King.”

The Family (Netflix Documentary)

Now, the Irony here, is that in the quote, ‘The Family’ are actually referring to the Lord of evil (whomever or whatever that might be), not a strong, determined individual who views Christ as a role model. And that’s exactly the Character We find in Naomi Wolf. Frankly, this is exactly the kind of wolf Queen the world needs right now.

I have shared many videos from other content Creators that are immensely valuable with respect to their content, but I believe this interview may be the most important video I have ever shared. This Will be Blog Post number 1723, so that’s really saying something! I cannot understate the Value of this interview if One is interested in really understanding the depth of the fraud that has been perpetrated on Man’s kind by the sociopaths engineering this plandemic.

I’m even going to draw Your attention to the twenty minute mark. Naomi Wolf correcly points out that not a single person on the planet has provided legal consent to be vaccinated – not ONE!!! In order for consent to be legal or lawful, it must be fully informed, there must be no fraud (lies) in the contract, and there can be no coercion or intimidation. “You can’t do this until You do that” is not legal or lawful in any jurisdiction, it is coercion and intimidation.

The Significance of this interview, is that lawsuits have already been won, and the rest of the cases that Will emerge Will follow suit. State Actors who are caught lying to their People about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, Will soon be guilty of crimes against humanity. Naomi Wolf correctly points out that the lockdowns and vaccine mandates are crimes against humanity and quite literally and properly, Acts of Treason – she even brings Special attention to Trudeau and his fascist dictatorship.

And of course, the True-dough dictator doesn’t miss a beat. He knows the facts are out, millions of People have been irrevocably harmed by his criminal Acts and collusion with Pfizer and big pharma, and he’s already trying to tell People that he didn’t coerce, mandate, or intimidate any One into taking an experimental medical procedure. He must believe the bioweapon he unleashed on Canada’s People have induced mental decline so severe that People can’t remember what he said. Thankfully, We have it all on video…

He’s not just being criticized by Canadians living in Florida, ‘The Hill’ don’t have anything Good to say about Trudeau, either. In fact, if You listen to News from anywhere in the world except Canada, all We hear about is Trudeau fascism and Trudeau’s treason. This Man-child is a sociopath, a narcissist, a racist, and an all round piece of shit. When the People find out that not only did Pfizer know that the vaccines were completely ineffective and actually spread the virus (number one side effect identified by Pfizer in private trials before pitching to government), Trudeau knew, too. And now, even after all this information has come out, ‘Health Canada’ is still guilty of treason, advising children to get their vaccines, even though We know they have ZERO medical benefit of any kind, much less ending a pandemic.

There is a reason Trudeau is trying to backtrack on his position with respect to vaccine mandates – they were never legal or lawful and the world is now learning that fact. Lawsuits have already been won in Europe, People are now getting paid for the harm done to them by Pfizer (and the rest). Unfortunately, Pfizer was one of the worst and the one Trudeau decided to go with, promising they are ‘safe and effective’. But he only said that to curb hesitation (so to coerce the rest of the People who were skeptical). He also shamed People who were not vaccinated, claiming it was a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’. Healthy People don’t make others sick, regardless their vaccination status. That’s logic and reason, which the People have more or less generally abandoned.

So Canada’s government and all of these criminals Will be held to account. They can’t hide the damage now, the death toll is climbing, and the payouts are increasing. Precedence is being set everywhere, and I am looking forward to the Nuremberg Trials 2.0. They Will be coming soon…

Naomi Wolf is not afraid to tell the Truth and many Will be exposed, regardless how much they try to run and hide. Same thing goes for the adversaries in My Microcosm. The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things. A Golden Dawn is on the Way.

Love and Blessings,


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