Don’t Stop Believing

When I got in last night I discovered My friend who’s lent Me the room had come home from work sick, something He almost never does.  Of course because of the swine flu scare, His employer was not taking any chances and insisted He go home.  Someone had given Me a ‘Happy Planet’ herbal immunity shot as part of a promotional campaign on My way home so I gave it to Him not knowing what else I could really do.

I’m always trying to encourage people to do away with the drugs We take to heal ourselves.  My roommate went to bed early and Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” was just about to start so I stayed up to watch it.  When I woke up this morning there was cough syrup and a collection of cold remedies on the bathroom counter.  My roommate had already called in sick for his shift.  As I try to prioritize what international topics to talk about next and with flu season just around the corner, I know these are signs.  Sickness is a very real problem for a lot of people and the cause of a lot of suffering.

As I was getting ready to leave the house, my thoughts were preoccupied with how I would write about something as serious as sickness in a positive way.  As always the tv was on and this time it was Oprah with a rags to riches story of a singer from the streets who became Jouney’s new lead vocalist.  He performed the song “Don’t Stop Believing” and it turns out to be the theme for Oprah’s show and her message to the audience.  ‘Love is everywhere’, I thought to Myself as I smiled and walked out to greet another sunny Vancouver day, confident I would find sickness’s positive side.


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