Prophetic Media

The main reason I started this blog was to offer people a more positive perspective of the world around Us.  I understood that a golden age for humanity lies just on the horizon.  I also understood how hard this would be for people to believe because I see the world around Us.  I read the headlines.  I understand what must happen for this golden age to emerge.  I had an opportunity to be part of its creation by letting You know how all things are part of a Divine Principle.  This wisdom lies at the depth of Our souls and some of Us may be forced to look deep within Ourselves to find it.  But the good news is, We all do, this is assured.

I don’t watch television except on rare occasion.  The headlines I do see are posted on My Yahoo mail homepage.  These are the kind of articles that allow Me to see what is happening in the world and how it will all come together.  This is foreshadowing government dislike for anti-government groups.  They are also comparing anti-government groups to terrorists which already further implies what I have suggested before, that if We allow for this comparison to be made without questioning it and the consider the objectives behind the article, this is a further attempt to divide Us amongst Ourselves to prevent people like Me from speaking out on freedom.

I believe there is going to be major civil unrest in the U.S. sometime in 2010, if not the fall of the U.S. as We know it today.  I believe the U.S. will continue to insist Iran is a growing nuclear concern and will try to link them with terrorists, the implication was already made by Obama at the nuclear summit meeting.  I think the U.S. will be at war with Iran before the end of this year.  This will further outrage the U.S. citizens and may be the cause of civil unrest.  I also think there will be a major food shortage, seemingly continuous natural disasters with increasing frequency, a summer with serious fires and all of this of course will lead to a global depression that will make the recent recession seem like a warm-up.  There will also be a return of the swine flu sometime in the fall with greater importance on vaccinations, they may even be made mandatory.  The other disturbing thing about this article is that it is almost boasting of the number of American’s who have lost faith in their government.  My concern here is that this is warming people up to the idea that martial law may be temporarily necessary to ‘win’ the war on terror.  Of course if all or any of this does happen, most of this falls in line with conspiracy theory rumors.  Yes, I believe many of the conspiracy theories will reveal the most horrifying truths.  However, I learned of these conspiracies after My awakening and My impression of the Illuminati is not likely to be one You have heard before.  I will tell You how they are critically important to the Divine Principle in My next entry.

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