Prophecies, Philosophies and Co-Creation

There are a few reasons why I haven’t mentioned My prophecies on My blog before now.  One of the reasons was so that I could write My Book with as little external teaching as possible.  I wanted to let people know that this is something everyone will know.  I explained how all things that are happening in the world around Us are catalysts to the awakening of a much greater awareness that will connect Us once again to Our higher self, the One conscience, or consciousness as I am finding it is being called.  My Book was written based on experiences and philosophies I had before My awakening.  It also took some time to understand how to relate the information to others.  The Book is also based on a philosophy that the greatest thing I can do with My mind and physical being is use it to express My highest intention creatively so that it may manifest itself in the universe.  There is only one plan and it is one part of a Divine Principle.  We shall all know the essence of Our being, the secret of creation.  Another reason I haven’t written My prophecies is because I want Us to understand We are co-creating Our reality.  I can’t write a prophecy You haven’t already heard and mine would not be much different.  But thoughts do manifest themselves and I know this is true.  The world will know peace.  I want to inspire You, I want You to know that the world that awaits is quite literally beyond comprehension.

The theory that thoughts equal manifestation is being widely embraced as a secret to success.  But either We don’t believe this theory is true, or We do not understand it.  A lot of so-called highly successful people will share their version of the law of attraction or The Secret and tell You how it helped them find the love of their life, more money than they could ever spend, sixteen houses…  You get the idea.  We are understanding this is true, but We are not understanding its potential.  What if that’s because understanding of this truth cannot be attained in this reality?

This is where the theory of ascension comes in and even religion can make sense of this as Jesus said “the kingdom of heaven lies within You.”  It is what the new age teachers call ‘the now’.  It is here, in this moment and it has always been and always will be.  Seeing it is a matter of perceiving something that exists in another reality and this will come through gradual understanding.  Jim Carrey says, “And I want to get back there!  It comes, and it goes..”

And this is what it is like for Me now.  I know the limitless capacity of human potential but there is no way to be limitless in the human experience.  Yet.  Fearless acceptance of this truth will allow Us to know it.  I tell people We don’t need to be sick anymore, We each have the power within Us to heal Ourselves.  If We believe this to be true, it becomes true.  That doesn’t mean that believing You are immortal makes You immortal.  The collective belief or thoughts are the very framework of this reality and mortality is a current law within Our current realm of perception.  But fear is what prevents Us from escaping this realm of perception and fear is what will soon be removed.

We will be tapping into the source of creation itself, the secret that teaches Us how to be what We really are.  My theory on how this all comes together ties into the dimension of time which is also a construction of thought and relative to perception.  Those of Us who are awake are enjoying the experience as co-creators of a divine plan We see unfolding before Us.  This is why the awakening process will increase with exponential velocity until We are all ‘in the know’.

This new world, or dimension cannot be explained because it is not in any way a physical world.  Rather it is a realization that the physical world is nothing more than a construction of Our collective consciousness.  The physical world will become illusory, We will see it for the illusion it is.  Once We understand that it is only Our imagination that can define the world We will know We can understand this potential.  We must tear down the world around Us to make way for a world that will reflect Our divinity.  We will need a fresh canvas, so to speak.

I am telling You that something will happen in 2012 and I am basing it exclusively on the other prophecies that exist.  There is too much collective conscious awareness of this event for nothing to happen.  We have already created the event with Our intention.  This is the most talked about event in the earth’s history and I choose to believe it marks the beginning of a new, enlightened humanity.  Furthermore, the events leading up to it also give Us the opportunity to understand that these events are happening because We believed they would.  The unraveling of the prophecies themselves will give Us a deeper collective understanding of the power of Our thoughts as more and more of Us start understanding Our potential as co-creators in accelerating the process.  So I will only say that I believe You will hear more and more about this philosophy or others like it as You continue to see the prophecies unfold as the world around Us begins to fall away.

Because truth does not lie in the future or in the past and can only exist in the now, perhaps 2012 is when time stops so We can all just be present now.


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