The Sounds of Silence

“The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls…” – Simon and Garfunkel, the Sounds of Silence

I wanted to share an e-mail that appeared in My inbox only moments after having a very difficult conversation with members of My family after I had expressed an interest in promoting My Book and artwork to support Myself over taking a traditional job.  My mother seemed to think this was a ridiculous and irresponsible notion and that simply believing in what I was doing was not enough to ‘earn’ My place in the world.  Her immediate concern was that this would not provide Me with sufficient funds to support My living expenses and when she told Me this I simply replied, “Well then I suppose I may have to go back to living on the streets to minimize My expenses.”

Of course, this notion terrified My mother and resulted in My brother telling Me how angry I had made him, saying that to claim My mother did not believe in Me or support Me (which is quite honestly what I had said to her) was completely unfair and uncalled for.  And yet it was true.  If My mother had believed in Me, she would never have considered the possibility of failure.  I even told her that her thoughts were creative and if she worried that I would not succeed, then that would likely be the reality she would know as the outcome is of no consequence to Me.  I have already done what I came here to do, now I am just enjoying the ride as I watch My Love unfold.  Where the journey takes Me is of little concern to Me.

Of course, My desire is for everyone to know the truth of Love and I do care very deeply for all My family so the last thing I want to do is hurt them.  Yet I also know I have no capacity to do so.  They are hurting themselves by investing happiness in the outcome of My actions and they have the opportunity to respond to My actions however they choose.  To suggest that I might end up living on the streets should I not sell enough copies of My Book or enough paintings is really an opportunity for Me to awaken them to their true potential.  My parents live in a lavish house with two spare bedrooms they are not using.  My parents ask Me to respect their life choices, and I do; I only ask that they respect mine and I do not want to support a financial system that produces want and despair for it makes Me a part of the problem, not the solution.  My family insists they respect My ideas and philosophies, yet they are determined to teach Me to be ‘responsible’, which means accepting their way of life or living on the streets.  I was somewhat conflicted by this and asked the universe to give Me some kind of sign to let Me know I was still following My heart and being true to My higher self.  Please keep in mind that English is his second language, but the following letter appeared in My inbox immediately after asking the universe for confirmation of My spiritual path.  This Brother of mine is a street performer, manifesting a belief in world peace through his creation and one of the most captivating fire entertainers I have ever met.

“Sean,artist, my brother of life and street lover, because street shows us the truth of lifes laberynth … Of course I remember you men … so much connection I will never forget you brother … canada, vancouver real streets, real art, my fire and your paints, now your writing…

I just read the prologo, and I dont have to read all the book to tell you that I like it Sean, I even liked it before you published, coz I remember since we met in canada that you told me you were going to go one day to japan and live from your paintings, and you did it, then next thing I remember from you it was when you told me that you were starting to write a book and now you finish it, so AGAIN YOU DID IT … DONT DREAM YOUR LIFE, LIVE THE DREAM … And here we are my dear frend, living the REAL LIFE CALLED FANTASY DREAM… coz fantasy is our imagination and our imagination is our own world, the world that exists for real coz we invented and now we shared with the people that are dead in life, that walks with their bodies but havent notice their souls are gone …
Brother … so glad to know that you do what you say, that you ACT on your words… So glad to have you as a friend in my lifetime … We will catch up again … I know that … connection is not in words, letters, or phonecalls…. is inside the SILENCE….
LIGHT :::: LOVE ::::: PEACE :::: HAPPINESS ;;;;; FREEDOM ;;;;; STRENGTH ;;;;;

Snoop Santana…”

The people on the streets know truth.  They are the silent protesters of the social climate We have created, giving up slavery to know their inherent right to a piece of the world they created.  This world was stolen from humanity, and those of Us who believe We need to earn Our right to a piece of it have been made willful slaves of a corrupt social system doomed to die.  It takes far more courage to walk  away from the illusion than it does to accept it.

If My family does not want Me living on the streets, they need not let Me; they have the freedom to invite Me into their home, to share their wealth, to embrace My vision for a better humanity.  If they insist that the streets are where I belong if I choose to deny their way of life, then so be it, their worry will be the result of their own self-righteous ideology.  Perhaps living on the streets one last time is what I will need to do to awaken My family to their misguided ideologies and the reality of Our corrupt social system.  Though My brother, sister and mother have all had a copy of My Book for some time now, none have found the time to read it, yet they all know, it is what I call My ‘life’s work’.

Peace and Love to all My Brothers and Sisters on the streets, may Your silence soon be heard.


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