Do You Have the Time?

“I’m always a bit perplexed when people ask me how I keep going; how I keep doing what I’m doing, working with people on the margins of society; how I come up with new ideas.  To me this is like asking parents how they live with their children.  When we really love people we recognize their inherent worth and dignity and working with them grows out of the process of loving.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that teaches us to distrust the fundamental goodness and wisdom of our nature, but I believe when we enter into the wisdom within us, we enter into the mystery of divine love.  And it is that central core of love in the universe that keeps us going.

But the artist keeps going because he has the will to create and this is the magic power that can transform and transfigure and transpose and which will ultimately be transmitted to others.” – Anais Nin

I was looking for a quote to start My next entry a few days ago and My neighbour handed Me a book that had a quote for every day of the year.  The above is for August 27th, when I started this draft.

I have ‘returned to the matrix’, so to speak and work full-time.  This has made it somewhat more challenging for Me in terms of being in an energy space that motivates Me to write when I actually have the time to do it.  I also know I can change that by exercising a little more discipline, so please be patient.

There is just so much going on in the world, I don’t know where to start and the list of things I want to write about gets longer every day.  This relates to another philosophy I’ve shared which suggests that time is speeding up; it seems more and more major events are taking place within a shorter span of time.  I also think this is a phenomenon that collectively We will soon be able to perceive consciously which is very exciting.

In My next entry I will write about My trip and the course of events that led Me to where I am now.  Although I haven’t posted much lately, I have put several ideas together in the form of drafts and will work more consciously to get something posted every couple of days.



  1. Good to hear you are still among us. I would urge you to post your writings without worrying too much about perfection — one of the main obstacles to my own blogging.

    I am particularly interested in reading about your G20 arrest, what you think about the movement that led to it, and what you may have learned. Most people are happy to have a full-time job, and I am sure your views have changed over the last couple years since I first became acquainted with you.

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