Philosophical Application: Being the Elephant, Part 2

This section is a bit of a new direction for My Blog.  For the last couple of years I have been trying to teach people how to use the incredible power of Our mind to achieve anything.  I’ve tried to explain how it works in great detail in My Book and here on My Blog.  But it is much easier to be a teacher to People who are in My life where I can show them how the Universe is speaking to them.  Here are a couple of examples that include one of My current roommates:

One night We were exchanging humorous You-tube videos and I asked them if they had seen the ‘double rainbow’ video.  They hadn’t.  So I show it to My roommates (it is absolutely hilarious, they were in stitches) and after recovering from fits of laughter, one of My roommates says to Me, comically pouting, “You know, I’d be pretty excited too, I’ve never seen a double rainbow before!”

I said, “Don’t worry, You will now.”

She didn’t say anything, but the next day she came home screaming, “Sean, Sean…  You will never believe what I saw today on the way to work!”

Can You guess?  A double rainbow, of course.  She now believes I have some kind of magical power that can fix her cell phone when it breaks – and I do, I’ve done this twice now.  But what I teach, is that I am not the one with the magical power, she is.  I cannot heal someone who does not believe I can.  In this way, I am a conduit of Truth, I reflect the Truth I teach.  When the Japanese woman asked Me what My magical power was, I told her I create with My imagination.

Those last two examples were for Bud who is a frequent reader of My Blog and constantly challenging My philosophies.  I am grateful for his input and encourage others to comment as well if You have questions about anything I write.  In many ways, this new direction and section of My Blog is for People like Bud.  I am going to demonstrate how I apply the wisdom gained from the experience to My own life, and how I first learned to apply it.

I started with an understanding that I am the Universe, Creation, Love; I have no idea how to become this, but I remember I am the Universe, so the Universe already knows how to become what I am, it will give Me everything I need – connect Me with the right People, take Me to the right places…  In the Universe I Trust, for it is Me and I am becoming what I am.

The first new person to enter into My reality is a Japanese woman who was told by Her Gods to message Me.  She asks Me if I came here to change the world and I just realize I did.  So I tell Her.  Her eyes widen, “You are very powerful, spirit of the Elephant…  Peace, Love, Truth and Strength, this is You.”

When She said the Words, I felt them, they meant something to Me.  Often a student of holistic healing or meditation will visualize what they call a ‘light body’, a body they perceive as being full of bright white light, often slightly larger than the actual dimensions of their physical body.  She could have said I was any spirit, that wasn’t important.  It was the idea – conception; a new idea about who I was.

If We are working backwards, “I am That, That I am” (Jesus) is the next step.

But when You start with knowing You are the Universe, how do You become that?  It is fine to say, “I am the Universe, the Universe I am…”  But so what?  What does it mean?  To conquer the Universe You must have some idea about what You would like to accomplish.  How does one accomplish world Peace?  When I refer to Truth, I am referring to how You were created, what You are behind what You think You are, why You are here.  When the world understands the Truth about this (what some call God, what I call Love, the Creator) the world will know Peace.  There is no debate about this, this is My Truth, this is what allows Me to conquer the Universe.  I decided if I wanted Peace, I must choose to be Love, speak Truth and have the strength of an Elephant.  That is how I used My imagination to turn the spirit of the Elephant into an idea about who I am and what I would stand for in the Universe.  This was how it began for Me, by choosing to live by an idea that represents something much bigger than I am.

Oh, here’s the video.  This should make You smile 🙂

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