The Day that Inspired the March of the Elephant

Earlier this week, late Monday night, I had a very powerful meditation session.  For about a month and a half now, I’ve devoted Myself entirely to a very special creative project.  Everything in the Universe was telling Me it is time…  I met a Goddess who believed I could change the world, started an art project to accomplish the task, and got fired from My job shortly afterward – no coincidences.  Now I have seven paintings ready to promote.  “Everything in it’s right place” – Radiohead.  (‘Atoms for Peace’ will be the next album and they are on tour this year!  It is going to be an exciting year!) 😀

However, it has been a month and a half now that I’ve been without work and although the series is complete, there is still work to be done and I still have to eat (well, not entirely sure about that, either – but I like to).  I had been out of cash for about a week, but it wasn’t until Monday that I had become the illusive stereotype, the ‘starving artist’.  For Me, this is not so much of a concern.  I am ambitious, I can make money in a day cleaning yards, sweeping sidewalks, cutting grass, whatever.  If I want money, I can make it.  But I am a spiritualist and believe I can manifest whatever it is the people in My life need most for their optimal spiritual growth.  On Monday night, My meditation was for My neighbour.  Because of My own dedication to spirit, I let the Universe know I had no personal interest in money, but that I would need to fill My cupboards so that I could feed Myself and My neighbour.  I wasn’t asking for anything, I was letting the Universe know I don’t care for money and don’t want to use it, but I’m going to fill My cupboards and fridge – one way or another!  I smiled, thanked the Universe for understanding and went to sleep.

The next morning, My neighbour and I woke at the same time – highly unusual for him to be up so early.  I tell him that today I am going to find a way to fill Our cupboards with food so We can start Our workout routine and eat right.  He is also out of work on disability and tells Me he can go to the food bank and asks Me to go with him.  So I do.  I don’t possess anything that counts for legal identification.  This of course makes Me completely ineligible for social benefits.  But as My neighbour is handing over all of his identification he tells the lady I have no food either, and I tell her I have no identification.  He tells her I’m an artist, she smiles at Me and says, “I believe We were born to create.”, and started filling out a card for Me.

My neighbour had to go back home to get more identification papers just to prove he wasn’t making too much money!  But for whatever reason, this lady was happy to fill out My card.  I have never in My life received social benefits, I believe I can provide for Myself…  And somehow I was awed by this gesture of kindness, humbled beyond words.  And then I took the card to another lady who filled a cart for Me and I was awed again.

It wasn’t really until I got home that the magnitude of what had just happened really hit Me.  I began unpacking the food and realized just how much of it there was!  And not just food, but GOOD food!!  REALLY, REALLY, GOOD FOOD!  Almost everything was organic, healthy, five loaves of bread!  By the time I was done, I couldn’t even fit any more in My cupboards or fridge and almost every food I had imagined filling My shelves with had been in one of those boxes…  Even Nutella, My favourite!  😛

I used to work forty hours a week, I have a very modest lifestyle and yet I could never afford to buy the amount or quality of food that now filled My shelves.  Normally, My ego and pride would have allowed Me to feel nothing but shame for accepting food when I know I can provide for Myself…  But to be humble, to be spirit and to accept the graces the Universe grants Me, left Me feeling disgrace for the world We live in.  It also inspired Me to do something about it.  Now I know what I’m going to do.

Please stay tuned, because soon I will be presenting, “The March of the Elephant”…  An art show that will change the world.


  1. There is no shame in accepting assistance when you need it. Is foodbank funded by taxes? I thought it was private donations. In any case, I hope you are one day in a position to direct contributions to the foodbank, as I know there are many many people in need.

    Here’s looking forward to your “March of the Elephant”.

    1. Thank You so much for Your comment. No, the foodbank (here) is not funded by taxes, it is private donations. But, the organization does do what it can to ensure people receiving the benefits are actually in need, which can potentially leave people without sufficient evidence or ‘proof’ of their eligibility, hungry.

      I will very soon be in a position to give something back. The main question was where the money should go – there are so many in need. But I hope You will stay tuned, as it did inspire an incredible idea which I am in the process of writing and editing now. 🙂

      Thanks again for Your comment, much appreciated. Nemaste.

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