Establishing Identity


The next Word after ‘I AM’ is what You will become.  However, whatever You choose will always be something less than You already are.  Nothing is greater than the eternal ‘I AM’.

Once again We are in the Temple of Equated Forces.  I trust You have Your personal quest with You or at the very least that You have it planted firmly in Your Mind.  Today You will be Creating Yourself.  I strongly recommend that You visualize Your own Body, though it will be in it’s most perfect manifestation.  You are strong, radiant; magnificent in every way.  You are now perfectly outfitted for Your task and You should take a moment to visualize Your new attire in as much detail as You can.  There are also four items to choose from to help You on Your quest; a Staff, an Amulet of Protection, a Sword and a Club.  They represent Fire, Water, Wind and Earth (respectively).  The one You choose will reveal which of the four elements You are most naturally connected to and/or inclined to use and master.

The best part about Your new Magical armour and the weapon or item You chose is that You never have to return it.  The first step to accomplishing Your personal quest is to visualize Your new Body, outfit and the weapon or item You chose.  To understand the holographic Universe is to know that this image of Self is every bit as real as the one You carry in Your Mind with You every day.  This new image is weightless.  In fact, it makes You feel lighter.  In this image, You will accomplish anything.

Once again, this is no different than the Body You carry around with You every day and it is no less suited for Your Purpose.  You are so brilliant and magnificent that You had the foresight to Create Your Self with every ‘weapon’ You would need to accomplish Your task.  However, it may not seem so perfectly suited to Your needs right now because there is a very good chance what You are focusing on is not what You came here to do.  But Your new Magical attire will allow You to accomplish Your current objectives.

Some will surely think I’m a Fool.  I am.  But this is My most powerful Magic.  I am Willing the world I dream to know into Being.  The world I dream to know is an enlightened humanity, a golden age.  In order to move toward it, You will need to discover Your True Purpose.  But Your new armour will allow You to accomplish anything.  The goal leads to triumph and the triumph will lead to a new goal.  Each goal will be more ambitious than the one before.  Soon, You will see just how easy it is to change the world.  Nothing for You shall be difficult now.

For maximum effect, take a moment to visualize Your perfect armour and weapon anytime You feel You need courage, wisdom, or strength.  Pay attention to how others respond to You and enjoy Your new power.  I will explain how it works later.  I have to plan My next move.



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