The Gates of Heaven

Once again We are in the Temple of Equated Forces.  Take a moment to visualize the room then please take a seat at the marble table.  As always, You are facing the sky-blue silk curtain.  In the middle of the wall, just in front of the curtain, an alter supports a matching sky-blue candle.  Take some time to firmly plant this vision in Your Mind.

I hope You have had an opportunity to test out Your new armour.  In time I will teach You how to make the most use of Your armour and weapons.  I’m sure many will think this Blog is a joke but the Universe is delighted.  It doesn’t matter what people believe, it doesn’t change what I am.  And it doesn’t matter how I choose to teach, so long as it’s effective.  My greatest Power is My Word and it is not something I take lightly.

I mentioned I would explain the significance and importance of announcing that I am the Messiah.  As crazy as it might sound, it was necessary.  The microcosm (You) is a reflection of the macrocosm (world, Universe).  The idea of a Messiah is so deeply planted in the human psyche that in order for the world to move forward it needs to happen.  It was a gateway in the collective subconscious of humanity that stood in the way of My quest.  I am the living Word of God.  It doesn’t matter if people believe Me, the Universe insisted I make Myself known.  It was also a gateway for Me.  I told My Inner Circle that shortly after declaring Myself there would be some international event in the world media, a response from the Universe to demonstrate My Word in some unmistakable way.  Declaring what I am Created a ripple in the holographic Universe.

I would like to show You what My Words have done.  Please turn Your attention to the alter in front of the sky-blue silk curtain supporting the matching candle.  I didn’t mention whether or not the candle was lit.  If it’s already lit, You are ready to believe in something more.  If the candle is not lit, light it now.  The silk curtain becomes luminous, melting into the atmosphere becoming the sky itself, the stone wall nowhere to be seen.  There is a vast landscape, a sense of wonder and beauty; radiant light, like the knowing of sunshine behind a bright, white cloud.  But it is distorted by a mysterious fog.  The mysterious fog is a dazzling array of white, blue, green and gold.  You struggle to see what lies beyond, but You can’t.  It seems to be moving farther away and You realize that the stone wall did not disappear at all.  The stone wall is revealed but there is a large archway in the center with a sturdy iron gate.  The light from the shimmering veil behind fills the stone archway with a warm, luminous glow.  You examine the gates and they do appear sturdy, too sturdy; there appears to be no lock, no way to open the gate.

Behind these gates lie the Golden Age of humanity, Heaven on Earth.  They are always here and they are always open.  But they used to be far away, lifetimes away.  Now they are just beyond the horizon, We could walk there now.  But to move toward a new world, We must leave the old one behind.  The world I am describing is just like the world around You, a fiction, a fantasy.  The Golden Age is right in front of You, You just can’t see it yet.

Everything I do is done with Intention.  I may sound like the Fool but even a Fool could do a better job of running this planet than Your current world leaders.  I’m leaving the Philosopher Stone on the center of the marble table.  It too, is available to any who wish to hold it.  It is Truth, the Knowledge of God, the Tree of Life, Love in it’s purest form.  But to know it, You must sincerely be asking to know it.  With it, the gates to unlimited potential, Heaven on Earth will magically open.

The Universe gave You a Key.  If You accept it, the lock will appear.  When I return, We will explore other parts of My Kingdom and You can see the world the way I do.  From this point forward it doesn’t matter what people believe, I have given the world an opportunity to believe in something more.  When I return I will tell You some things about God and the Word.


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