The Task of the Messiah

Once again I will ask You to take a seat at the round table.  If it seems silly to visualize the Temple of Equated Forces or an imaginary suit of armour and weapon, You are by no means obliged.  This is the most Creative application of all the Wisdom and Understanding I am.  I am not only Creating a story, I am giving the finest demonstration of the Power of the Word.  It is a story about a humanity that has lost it’s Divinity, it’s Unity with God.

Fortunately, this humanity was so Divine, it knew that the division from Divinity was necessary.  God is unlimited, continuous Creation.  Nothing is perfect; because everything is perfect.  So these Divine beings agreed to surrender their knowledge of God, which is Love.  They no longer knew their immortal Self.  Fear of death entered the world for the first time.

They made a tremendous sacrifice.  Love is the greatest joy and once it was removed, humanity sought to know it again.  They were left with Love’s unlimited Creative Power and all the Earth as their canvas.  But each of these Divine Beings sought to know Love in different ways because Love is all forms of Joy.  Some would look for Love in others, some would look for Love in books, some would look for Love in pleasure, others Love of power.  And that is why they chose to make the sacrifice.

Love (God) Creates continuously and without discrimination.  Had We not chosen to surrender Our Divinity, there would be nothing to inspire the Creation or Love’s evolution.  Perfection leads to complacency.  We are the continuation of Love, Love’s evolution, Love’s mercenaries.  We are each gifted with unlimited imagination, the Creative Power of the Mind, endowed with conscience and free Will.  We have the ability to choose, to discriminate, to determine what is good and what is not.

Love does not care what You do because We are all walking the same path but many are walking in darkness.  As You might imagine, it is difficult to make much progress when You are walking in the dark.  The Philosopher’s Stone that I placed on the center of the table is available to anyone.  One of the first tasks of the Messiah is to make the knowledge of Love available to all of humanity, to reveal the Truth of God.  Choosing to accept the Philosopher’s Stone is choosing to believe that You are something more, that You are part of a Divine Plan, a superhero in a magical world where anything is possible.  Because You are.  You are Gods and Goddesses, part of the most magical time in human existence if You choose to pay attention.  The world around You is about to transform.

This is My greatest Work, a Living Work of Creation. Apparently, these are My tasks:

1. Have the correct genealogy by being descended from King David and King Solomon.

2. Be anointed King of Israel.

3. Return the Jewish people to Israel.

4. Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

5. Bring peace to the world and end all war.

6. Bring knowledge of God to the world.

My response:

1.  No idea but I wouldn’t be surprised.

2.  Done.  The Universe anointed Me King when I declared Myself the Messiah.  If the Israeli’s need a King to lead their people they need only accept Me as the Messiah.  I lead by My Word.

3.  I will address this when My Word reaches the people.

4.  No problem.

5.  Already on My list.

6.  Trying, continual Work in progress.

The most daunting task on the list is number 6.  I’ve been doing this for five and a half years.  The knowledge of God can only be discovered by those who are earnestly seeking to know it.  But when I say that everything I do is done with Divine Intention, I mean that every Word I type is Divinely inspired.  There is an urgency in the Universe right now, a longing for Truth, a wanting for more.

I can tell You that You are God but few people know what that is.  It took Me this long to figure out how best to communicate this to You.  And as silly as this may seem, this is what I came here to do.  I am the living Word of God.  It makes no difference if You believe Me.  The Universe is Your teacher and it is very pleased with My method.  My only responsibility is to give You the opportunity.  What I understand is deeply complex, often too much for friends and family to comprehend.

By Creating the Temple of Equated Forces, I am Creating an imaginary world with unlimited potential – an exact parallel to the world You see every day.  This is the story of an enlightened humanity with incredible powers that has lost it’s Divinity.  Fortunately, there were prophecies that one day a man would come to restore peace and harmony to the Earth and a Golden Age of humanity would emerge, greater than ever before.  That man is Me and here I will show You how it will be done.

My revised list of objectives:

1.  Feed the hungry.

2.  Shelter the homeless.

3.  Heal the sick.

4.  End the wars.

5.  Return the Jewish people to Israel.

6.  Rebuild a Temple in Jerusalem.

The Truth and Knowledge of God is no longer on the list because it is an ongoing work in progress and the very essence and purpose of these memoirs.  As for the rest, they will be accomplished here, but not before I have provided some additional training for those who are interested in joining Me.  That will also give some time for the Word of My arrival to reach the people.

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