Knowing the Immortal Self

I’d like You to once again turn Your attention to the Philosopher’s Stone in the center of the marble table.  Life is an endless, living story.  It is Your story.  You are always the main character, the hero of the story.  You are on a very important, very special quest.  And only You have all the skills and just the right measure of each to accomplish the task.  At times, it will seem very difficult, perhaps even insurmountable, but that is intentional.  You Created this story and You deliberately made it as challenging as possible.  You did this on purpose, to develop Your character.  Every great adventure leads to new levels of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge.  Choosing to accept the Philosopher’s Stone means to embark on a quest, to discover Your True Purpose in Life.  It is, in fact, the only thing You have come here for.

You have been here since the beginning of time.  You just don’t remember.  Each lifetime is like the chapter of a book; Your character developing new skills, achieving new victories, discovering new secrets and gaining more confidence as the story develops.  The Philosopher’s Stone is Your bookmark, it will help You find Your place in the Great story, Your story.  The most beautiful part is, We don’t have an ending to Our story, We are Creating it now.

Each Key You acquire represents a new realm of potential in Your subconscious.  The more Keys You acquire, the more open You will be to new ideas and possibilities, increasing Your potential.  This also increases perception, allowing You to see the Universe in a new way.

As always, We are in the Temple of Equated Forces facing the East wall.  The alter and candle are gone, the Gates of Heaven are now wide open, revealing the dazzling array of blue, green, gold and white light that veils the view of some wondrous sight.  The luxurious sky blue silk curtain is now draped perfectly on either side of the stone archway, spanning out to the corners of the temple.

If You look at the first Key I gave You, You will notice there is now a ‘0’ carved neatly into one side of the bow.  If You flip the Key over, You will notice the other side of the bow is still perfectly smooth.  This Key will continue to transform as We make Our way through My Kingdom.  If You have been following along since the beginning, I will be editing the prologue to provide additional insight and background on this new section of My Blog.  This Living Book is the first of it’s kind; the understanding and application of several sophisticated  Ideas intended to make Truth accessible and comprehensible to all.

With each Key, the vision of Our new Earth will become more and more clear, the veil will become more and more transparent.  You will also begin to see more in the world around You.  The more You notice, the more You will see.  The more effectively You are able to use Your armour and weapons, the more effortless life will become.  I will provide weapons training before We embark on Our next quest.






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