My Father, My Uncle and New Friends

Once again, thank You for joining Me.  The Temple of Equated Forces is a powerful place.  Here, nothing can harm You, nothing can keep You from Your quest.  You will be introduced to many new characters and each will play an important role.  It is for You to determine who is friend and who is foe.  Perhaps Your determination alone makes it so.

There was one detail I failed to mention in My last post with regard to the police sergeant.  After wishing Me luck with My father, he said, “Oh, and sorry for arresting You back there.”

To which I replied, “It’s okay.  I know You were just doing what You felt You needed to do to achieve Your objective.”

And it’s true.  Rarely do I compromise My beliefs.  Rarely do I choose to give My name – especially to a police officer.  However, that was how I made My way to My father’s home and the events since that day have left Me feeling like the main character My own story.

The evening was so beautiful, I chose to sleep in My tent without the fly to protect Me from the rain so I could gaze at the stars as I fell asleep, counting My blessings.  I drifted off easily, exhausted from the energy spent that day, only to be awakened by raindrops later in the morning.  I wasted no time rising from My slumber to tend to the matter before the drizzle turned to a downpour.  It was something of a chaotic effort.  I was half-stupid, not My normal, alert self, still half-asleep, trying desperately to figure out which side of the fly was to face front, never mind attaching the ties and pegs to hold it in place.  I managed to accomplish the task only moments before the drizzle turned to a downpour and hurried back inside the tent, wondering what kind of omen this might be and what the morning might bring.

Thankfully, I was awakened by Kira and sunshine.  Kira was eager to explore and so was I.  I hadn’t had a chance yet to investigate My father’s property.  It had been dusk when I arrived and I was only just able to make out the outline of the fire-pit and the rows of firewood to fuel it.  The place looked deserted.  I figured My first instincts had been correct – My father was probably in Germany.  Various vehicles and machinery littered the property, the main structure itself looked more like a shack than a home.  A rusted fridge and freezer in the middle of the lawn appeared to be plugged into something but were virtually empty, the remaining food was spoiled and rotten.  At the back of the shack I found a deserted chicken coop that reeked of manure.  There was nothing here to suggest than anyone had lived here for months, maybe years.

After wandering around the outside for awhile, I couldn’t help but wonder what the inside of his home might look like and decided to peer inside the windows.  I was shocked by what I saw.  The entire place looked as if it had been vandalized.  Dishes were piled up in the kitchen sink, rotting food littered the counters, various pieces of trash strewn across the floor, couches full of holes, the contents spilling out onto the floor, broken down chairs, animal feces everywhere!  There was not a clean space on the floor to stand, the entire place was a complete shambles.  I was somewhat stupefied…  I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened, why the place had been abandoned like this.  I figured he must be in Germany…

I also desperately needed the washroom, and not a tree.  I’d already knocked and tried the doors.  It was a beautiful day so I decided I should make My way to town to make use of a clean washroom, pick up some travelling food and prepare to move on.  I travelled light, leaving the trailer, the tent and Kira behind.  It was upon My return that I encountered My father, standing at the side of the road leading to his house; his brother, two friends and three Rottweiler’s accompanying him.  My father introduced Me to My uncle, Detlef and his two best friends, Jamie and George.

It was the first time I’d met any of My father’s side of the family and I felt especially privileged that I had an opportunity to meet My uncle, too.  My mother had kept My father’s name when she remarried and I was very interested to learn more about My name and why she had kept it.  When I asked her, she told Me that My father had come from a highly respected family that was known throughout the world, that I was part of an aristocracy and should be proud of My name.  The notion never really sat well with Me.  I didn’t like how My father had treated My mother when I was growing up and was pleased when she chose to leave him.  I also don’t really associate who I am with My name – it’s just what people call Me.  It wouldn’t matter what My name was, it wouldn’t change who I am.  However, without My father, I wouldn’t exist as I am now, nor would I have grown to be the man I’ve become.  And this was what I had come to thank My father for.

The Universe was in perfect harmony with the events of the day and people all over the world were either loving or hating Germans for their soccer skills.  I pay so little attention to sports of any kind that I would have had no idea Germany was in the World Cup final had My father and uncle not insisted on watching the game.  They were sure Germany was going to win to ‘celebrate’ My arrival – and sure enough, they did.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening exchanging stories, catching each other up on some of the events of the last seventeen years – My father insisting he had thought I wanted nothing to do with him, while I explained that I simply wanted to respect his privacy and freedom.  Detlef and George told Me that only two days before My arrival, My father had mentioned that he would love to see Me and wondered why I had never contacted him.  I assured him I had tried to call him and left several messages over the years – when I didn’t hear back, I figured he wanted to be left alone and wanted to respect his wishes.  He assured Me that was not the case, that he was very busy and could use some help with his business.  We seemed to have similar ideas with respect to government and freedom, and I told him that I had noticed the state of his home and would be more than happy to help him get things back in order.  He insisted that I abandon My plans to visit BC, that he had twelve acres of land, plenty of space for Me to build the house of My dreams, grow a garden, raise whatever animals I like and plenty of work to finance My building plans.

It was an emotionally exhausting day for both Me and My father.  He had explained that his business kept him so occupied that by the time he took care of his dogs and his clients, there was no time left for him or his home.  He told Me he needed help and was so pleased that I had showed up, that he had hoped that I might return to help him and asked Me to promise that I wouldn’t leave for BC.  I gave him My Word.

My father started to tell Me about his business and wanted to show Me the kind of work he was doing.  He explained that he was renovating and landscaping for a client who was selling their property and that We would be staying there until the work was done.  I introduced My father to Kira and collected some clean clothes, bathroom essentials (like shaving cream and a razor), My journal and anything else I thought I might need to make the most use of comfortable accommodation and a shower.  Shortly afterward, We were on Our way down to the dock to make way to the island…

Thank You all again for being here.  Remember that what You perceive Yourself to be is what You are.  You are the superhero You imagine Yourself to be.  We are each the hero of Our own beautiful story.  This is mine, and I will continue shortly.

Peace and Love to all My companions, be blessed.  And so it is.



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