The Adventure Continues

Welcome back to the Temple of Equated Forces.  It’s been awhile.  I trust You are all well.

There is so much more story to tell, I hope Your lives have been as exciting and adventurous.  I could almost fill a book on the events of the past six months, let alone My lifetime and the greatest adventure of My life is still ahead of Me.  I’m going on something of a retreat.

When I ask Myself what it is I desire most, it’s easy – for everyone to wake up to their true (Divine) Self.  This will accomplish world peace.  And it’s happening.  In 2008, when the Universe asked Me what I wanted most, this was what I asked for – regardless the consequences.  And so it is, this is the dream I came to (co)Create.  I’ve been watching the world I dream to know unfold before My very eyes and yet people still tell Me it will never happen…  Or at least, not in My lifetime.  That is where they are wrong.

I couldn’t tell You when, I can only tell You it will happen in My lifetime – it is My soul purpose for being here.  I would not still be here if the work was already done.  I am making it happen.  And so is everyone else who dreams of a better world.  Believe Me, it’s coming.

For many, times are especially hard right now and it may appear to be getting worse.  But We are nearing the brink, the breaking point.  Soon We will be forced to change Our social ideas or die.  It’s really that simple.  Wealth, status, ownership (of anything other than Your own flesh and bones) will no longer be tolerated, it will no longer be beneficial to the species.  Natural selection – evolve or die.

Sounds harsh, I suppose.  But death is evolution, death is birth.  We are all going to the same place but We will not all arrive there together.  Some are further along their spiritual path than others and will awaken to their true potential in this lifetime, others may require several more lifetimes before they are ready to awaken in the human experience.  Death is exactly the same as awakening except the body is left behind and the consciousness is challenged with creating a new body ideally suited to carry the new wisdom to earth necessary for that soul’s development.

I should mention however, that taking Your own life will not speed You along the spiritual path, it will slow You down.  You planned every detail of Your life before You chose to come here and forget, including Your death.  To interfere with the Univerese’s Divine plan for You is to interfere with Your own ideal plan for You and You will miss out on valuable lessons that will evolve Your spirit.  The more difficult Your life seems, the more potential there is to discover Your inner strength, the warrior within.

Shortly I will be resuming My cycling adventure to south America.  First goal is Vancouver with plenty of stops along the way.  I will be promoting peace, freedom and Ubuntu philosophy, perhaps even visiting a few Ubuntu communities.  I’m currently trying to find out exact locations.  This spiritual retreat will give Me an opportunity to experience My own solitude and Write My adventures.

Be blessed.  And so it is.

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