Creating a Suit

Every letter sent from the Kingdom of God increases the Power of the Word.  The longer My Words remain in the Universe, the more Powerful they become.  I am Truth which cannot be disputed and now I’m just making it ‘real’ by showing the fiction.  The Power of a thought is given life in the Universe by the spoken Word, a more permeating Power than the thought.  And the Word is given more force when it is cast in Spelling.  It is real in the physical, which is fiction too.  But it’s the one that feels the most real and it continues to resonate permanently as long as it is cast.  That’s why symbols and sigils and all that are so important.  So happy to have My flag for My House on My letterhead, I created it for this years ago.  I’ve always wanted to do that but only managed to get it together after My first three letters.

This category was created so You can follow along with the story, every document in the order filed as they would be presented to anyone I send a letter to, immediately following the letter of the addressee (newest document on top with all other documents following in chronological order).


(copy, not original)

Vital Statistics – Express Legal



Crown Attorney  RN204665505CA

Attorney General RN204665505CA



King Sean – (reply to IAN MURRAY’s letter)

King Sean 1 – Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield

Reply from Attorney General:


Reply from Attorney General’s Legal Department:


The above letter was placed into the Superior Court of Canada May 03, 2017.

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