Letter of Demand: Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield

King Sean 1

If You haven’t read My first two letters (e-mail) to MP Lloyd Longfield I strongly suggest You do (just scroll down far enough, everything I Write Will be posted here).  I as King some very serious questions that any informed concerned Canadian has a duty to report to their elected officials.  I had also called his office one week prior to sending My first e-mail to try to set up a meeting with him so I could introduce My Self and explain My concerns off the record.

Now, he may be an MP but he has chosen that position and I have respected it and addressed him in an informal letter.  He made a commitment to the people of Guelph.  That is what caught My attention and why I chose to contact him.  Power of Words.  If You say something and then You make it ‘real’ by placing it permanently into the fiction, You had better keep Your Word or the Universe Will not be kind.  Especially when dealing with Me.  And Truth…  God is not very pleased that it has been two weeks and an MP is too important or busy to respond to a King?  He may be a King, too, but until he grows up, he is only a child of God and is My servant in their little fiction.  Remember, it’s just a game, fiction.  He is NOT honouring My position or his commitment to the people.  I think like a King because I am that.

Now, when I walked into his office today, I did not as King to see him, I just said that I wanted to file some paperwork on the public record and submitted a file.  I am building a new foundation, a case file, a new story for the fiction.  I removed the papers from the folder (now 18 pages) and handed them to her, telling her that the originals are for her, I will need a copy of each for My records, signed and dated with number of pages in file.

Funny how fast she remembered Me when she saw the letterhead.  Pretty sure she saw the Words notice of DEMAND because her and her assistant suddenly seemed to be tripping over themselves like they had been caught stealing.  She honestly looked pale after seeing the first page of My document.  I found it mildly entertaining but I couldn’t think of anything to say to make them feel more comfortable.

What I am doing is creating My own story in the fiction, building a foundation, a suit, a case file…  The more I Write, the more compelling My arguments become.  If it’s presumed the estate is held in Trust until a man steps up and claims God’s Kingdom, these questions are very simple.  We sit down like grown men, settle the accounts and get on with life, no legalese, no confusing language, just disclosure on what’s going on.  That’s all I want.

NOT standing in honour when I command as King that My contracts be cancelled is very bad for them.  They don’t want to do that, they Will want to answer Me.  I Will eventually get a reply to these questions.




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