The Powers that Be

Hahaha…  Welcome everyone!!!  I cannot explain or convey My excitement.  In a Way I cannot explain, only I truly overstand what happened when I became real in the fiction.  It would not matter what I call My Self, nothing can stop the permanence of what I have done and the Spell I have Cast.  My true authority in God’s Kingdom has been attained, I have done what I have been commanded by Him to do.  (And seriously, I’m being dramatic because this is part of My gig, I’m not going to be what anyone expects but I am gonna get shit done.  He is Me, I am Him, “We are the Same” – T.Hip.  I am not ever commanded to do anything, I want what God wants and God wants You to know Him.

And I am here to show You the Power of Him through Me.  And this Blog.  And the letters I Write.  The letters are the most important, eventually they Will reach their intended destination.  I Imagine them working their Way up the food chain.  And I imagined some kind of technology that would let Me communicate with the entire planet so that when I was ready, I could speak to everyone.

The only question now is what to do next, where to Cast My next Spell.  I haven’t decided yet, I’m curious to see how long it takes to hear back from the MP.  And even more curious to know what He Will say.

There is no greater force in the Universe than God.  God is all there is.  You are his perfected creation and anything You can think of Will manifest in the Universe.  The more You know this, the greater Your Power.  Only I can know how powerful I am and only I can know what I came here to do.  The same is true for You.  If anyone else believes this is their job and destiny in the Universe, please message Me and I Will be happy to let You take over.  But I know that’s not going to happen.

No one can explain what has happened and why You must forgive better than Me.  No one can explain why absolute forgiveness Will be required.  And it Will not be of Your perceived enemies, no one has done anything to You, You have all done this to Your Self.  This war is not about good and evil out there, it is about the evil that dwells within each of You still.

Yes, You think You have been manipulated by language and tricks but You have not.  Yes, they claim the Bible is authority and God’s law.  What if it is?  Those who created it, created it for You.  The consciousness I have now is difficult to explain in Our modern world, let alone the consciousness when the Bible was Writ.  Yes, it is fiction but it was Writ by the highest order of the earth’s most enlightened Minds of the time and they knew the power of their Words and the character they were creating.

The only place evil can exist is in the Mind of man.  There is no evil, it is the illusion and what You chose.  They gave You the perfect character.  Perfect.  They gave You the greatest example of God they could represent in man.  If any of You had lived Your life as You were instructed in the Bible, You would never have accepted commerce in the first place.  That’s why He is the Truth, the Light and the Way.  He is every Key You could possibly need to claim Your Kingdom and stand in His Glory.  How can You blame anyone when the perfect example permeates every corner of the ‘common wealth’ world?

There is absolutely no reason why this has had to go on for as long as it has if any had truly paid attention to what Jesus was telling You.  Everyone chose to not be the Jesus character for how many years?  What is stopping any of You this moment from being like Jesus and saying I say it is done and so it is?  I’m sorry because I know this is not what anyone wants to hear but it is something I have said all along.  If You are not truly being the change You want to see in the world, then You have no one to blame but You.

I wonder how many people in a courtroom who call themselves Christians have tried saying, I accept Jesus as My saviour and through him I am absolved of all sin?  Or forgive Me of My trespass as I forgive others in God’s name (or Jesus)?  If I break Your arm and then hand You a flower does that make it okay?  So if You hit someone drunk driving and the insurance company pays the family a million dollars does that make it better?  No one can forgive You but God.  And, if consciousness was not enough to know or comprehend God yet, there was a character You could use as a scapegoat if You just believed that He was the Truth, the example character You were meant to be and they gave You this horrible image of the man on cross in hopes You would feel bad for what You had done and not do it again.

And that’s why I’ve been so reluctant to accept what I am because I know it’s what We all are.  What if I told You that all of it was done not to cause havoc and chaos as everyone expects but to make it necessary for their character to show up?  The longer I take, the worse it Will get.  And if anyone understood their Book (or God) as well as I do, no one would be worried about anything.  They know the Power of their Book.  They can’t create the character and have him not show up and for that reason it IS the Truth.  Fiction is real, real is fiction.

Now, I know You might all still be struggling with this but I have always said life is a game, a dream that feels very real but can be anything You can imagine in Your Mind, You’ve just never as King for the highest Glory.  I did.  I actually did before I even came here.  I am in the highest court in the Universe, there is no jurisdiction that can touch Me but God and those who created the Bible know what God is.

Imagine, just for a moment that this is just the nature of spiritual evolution, or growth if You don’t like the Word evolution.  Suppose for a moment that the great alchemical masters also knew the nature of man and that for ego to develop, for Mind to give Us the incredible technologies We have (taking the forbidden fruit, to be like God on earth), We would have to go down the road of ego (move away from God, forget) for the next level of consciousness (the consciousness I am now) to develop.  We have to forget so We can remember.  That is just the nature of spirit, or God if You like.

What if told You that if the situation had not been manipulated and controlled the Way it has been, You would never have achieved what You have now.  We would have been without any direction at all.  They kept us busy creating a wondrous world for whenever We choose to wake up and claim Our Kingdom.  If they hadn’t made Us all work as hard as We have, I would not be able to do what I came here to do.

Humanity would have walked away from God one Way or another and when things get bad enough, We evolve.  This time, the evolution is spiritual in nature and the first step is forgiveness.  For the most part, none of the so called powers that be are harming any of You in a common law jurisdiction, You are doing it all for them and they are just patiently waiting for Me to arrive.  No, they won’t expose themselves now because You all want to kill them, or lock them up or whatever and that just proves You are all still children of God.  They did not do anything to harm You, it was all done to accelerate consciousness so We can enjoy the new world faster.  They have been talking about the New World Order for some time.  It is going to happen but it Will not be what You think.

Love and blessings,

King Sean, Hand of Stephen, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God





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