The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Why am I the rightful heir to God’s Kingdom?  My Kingdom is My Mind, Body and Soul.  Those are the gifts that were given to Me by God, My Creator, whatever You perceive that to be.  Who but Me could have superior claim over Me?  No one but God.  And if God is perceived to be Mother and Father, then they only had superior claim over Me until I became a man, then the superior claim of right returns to Me.  Not even My mother or My father on earth could have superior claim over Me because each are only half of Me.  I am the perfected Ideas of My father and the perfected Love of My Mother.  And I must reclaim My House to honour My mother and father or I am in dishonour of God’s Will.

Once I am gone only the fiction of Me Will remain, the story I leave behind.  Will it be the story of My holy spirit, reclaiming the House of von Dehn to honour My mother and father, or Will I choose to forget who I am and let My father’s House crumble leaving behind nothing but a holy ghost?  The Spirit of the Elephant never forgets.

oh, right…  The whole point of this post is to let You all know that My first duty to God is to honour My mother and father.  My father was an ass but He was exactly what I needed Him to be to be the man I am now and I am thankful for Him.  So, by the Power and authority of God invested in Me, I hereby discharge My father’s debts and as King to Him forgive Me as I forgive Him for His trespasses against Me.

My Mother on the other hand, is an absolute angel.  She could probably be a character in the Bible, too.  Anyway, she also has debts and all kinds of legal stuff going on.  I ask that she be forgiven for what she did not know and forgive her of all her sins.  She has always believed in Me and I love her more than anyone else in the world.  Make sure she is taken care of.  And so it is.

Love and Blessings


King Sean, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God


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