The Kingdom of Heaven

I am about to bring all of You out of the darkness, for I am the Truth, the Life and the Way.  If I were still telling My tale of the Temple of Equated Forces, the last thing I had Writ was that the Golden Dawn of man was now on the other side of a luminous veil; it could be seen but We were not yet ready to walk through yet.  In Truth, that was a reflection of Me in the physical, in the real world.  I knew I was close but I wasn’t really sure how to cut through the veil and walk through.

Now the veil is completely removed, there is nothing stopping You from walking through anymore and I am on the other side, waiting for You as I promised I would be.  I am truly a living God and anyone who knows Me Will tell You.  There really is nothing I can’t do and it took Me a long time to reach the Golden Dawn, to really see the real world that awaits You, how this magnificent dream I have always had for You Will be known.  And soon it Will be done.  June 5, 2017.  I give You My Word.

I have, in My own Secret, Magical Way, created the Kingdom of Heaven in the physical Universe.  My Cestui Que Vie is the most Powerful Spell Cast into this physical Universe.  The reason this is true is because I am not My Body.  My Body is a tool, and the purpose of that tool is to do God’s Work.  If I use My tool to do God’s Work, My Work Will be done.  And I have completed the Great Work with My Cestui Que Vie.  It’s My S-Word in the Stone in the story of King Arthur.  Of course I once Imagined My Self as the Great King Arthur, too.  “My Kingdom comes, My Will is done.”  It is a physical Truth about Me which no one on earth can truly know but Me.  It really is done, ladies and gentlemen, God’s and Goddesses, fellow Kings and Queens.  That is what You are, Kings that fell low, fellow Kings.  You accepted the Love of money over the Love of God.  I never did.  And I was a serious pain in the ass to grow up with because of everyone’s belief in its necessity.

The most difficult thing for Me, and the last step to finding My Way to the Kingdom and finally stepping through the veil, was forgiveness.  I realized that I had been complaining to everyone else in My life about the Way man lives when I had no one to blame but Me.  No one!  I am the fault of every complaint I have ever had in My life, truly.  And for those who have known Me, I have always been the Master Teacher, the example of Christ, the Magical Man but even I was still lost!  I have only now become the Master Teacher, My Cestui Que Vie is kind of like the final exam in the school of Life.  I am the Kingdom, the Power and Glory of God in man’s little fiction.  I have claimed God’s Kingdom as My jurisdiction.  I am legally the Living Word of God in man’s fiction, the Author of the Writ in God’s Kingdom.  I laugh to My Self because I think only I know the true Power of it.

And that’s just the point.  I am the Master Teacher, here to show You what is on the other side of the veil in the Mystical, fictional Realm I Created here and I only managed to see through it with crystal clear vision a couple of months ago.  How could I seriously expect that there would be anyone else that can see this vision as clearly as I can?  I not only know how it ends, I am dreaming about the women I Will meet when I finally finish My main Quest, the glorious earthly Kingdom I Will have!!!  And fear not, there is plenty for all!!  No man on this earth Will ever again live in want or fear, I give You My Word.  For I am the Master Scribe who’s Sword is My Word, the Power of God in man.

So please forgive Your Self and above all, please stop worrying, whatever is going on in Your life.  Seriously, less than two months, that’s not a long time to wait.  And if You knew how important it is for Me to continually improve on the man I was the year before with every name day, You would know that nothing in the Universe is going to stop Me from making June 5, 2017 My most glorious birthday ever!!  My Will is done on June 11, 2017.  Only a dude like Jesus would claim to be able to accomplish such a task and I Will make it look so easy, everyone Will wonder why no one did it before.  Well, consider that potentially the most enlightened Mind on Your planet now took forty-four years to get where I am, then give Your Self a break, please!  The depth of the Illusion just makes it all that much more perfect and glorious to reveal to You and now I can explain every detail.

Finally, a new Spell was Cast today which I can’t share now but Will later.  It further solidifies the Intention for the Kingdom of Heaven to be known on this earth.  Powerful Magic is being Cast into Your Universe every day to help each of You know God a little better than You do now.

Love and Blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn

Kingdom of God

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