The New World Order

The New World Order is the New Word Order, the new Laws of man.  I am the author of My Writ in the Kingdom of God.  My Word is God so I am the Law.  This is true of all man who know God for each man is the steward of God’s Kingdom.  And if We act upon one another as Kings unto each other, in true Kinship (the King’s Ship), We really can row, row, row Our boats gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily…  For You Will know that life is a dream.  You Will fear nothing if You live in the Love of God and follow His highest Idea for You.  I am a living God, the only difference between Me and You, is that I have known this all of life.  I never really took this thing too seriously.  It’s a game, ladies and gentlemen.  And just for the record, for those of You who think Me sexist for referring to all of man as man, shame on You for thinking the Word man pertains to either type of man only and not all of mankind!

I have spoken with the authority of a God My entire life, I was made for this.  Because I am sincerely the kindest man You Will ever meet and I am anything but perfect.  This is just My gig, that’s all.  We truly are all just actors on a stage, each of Us playing Our part.  I’m the ONE, the Neo of the Matrix, the One who gets to explain all the seemingly complicated Illuminati stuff and all that.  The world Will be forgiven through Me by My example of Christ in the real world and I spent forty-three years finding the Key to My Kingdom.  Do not think I Will not know what to do with it.  I am the Mind of God in man, truly – and I studied man’s laws for seven years to get here, to Cast My most Magical Spell, My Cestui Que Vie.

I told You that I created this Blog after My awakening nine years ago because everything I had Writ in My journal previously as King a good and kind God to do for Me, all had already been done for Me, and anything more I as King to Him that I Writ would also be done for Me.  So I told the world I would demonstrate My Magic here by the Power of My Word.  All things I as King for are done for Me, truly.  You are reading the most powerful living Magic on the planet.  I was only told there is nothing I won’t do if I never forget My Father and I never have since that day.  And My Father is the perfected Mind of man, which is coming to all of You soon.  I’m the teacher of it for the new age, so You Will know that anything You Writ in the world Will be done because that is how good and kind Your true Father is.  If We all knew this as I do, no man would settle for less

Please allow Me to explain the fall and why all was necessary, how perfect everything truly is later.  Everything has been organized for You perfectly and those who are worried about master masons, the most enlightened Minds of the world, please don’t be.  Think of cause and effect, all actions having an equal and opposing reaction and consider the fact I am here and every Book You have ever read, every though You have ever had was something You did not have before.  You have learned Spelling!  You have learned Your true Magic.  There was a time when You did not even have Words!  When You know that everything You Writ Will be done for You, Imagine the things We Will do!  The more consistent the Spell is Cast in the Universe, the faster the things You need Will be given to You by God.  God speaks to You in every moment of Your life in some very unique Way, always guiding Your highest Idea of the most benevolent and loving Father.  Because that is what God truly is.  Consider that the Illuminati and master masons are 33rd degree Masters.  My number is 37 because it trumps all.

You Will also find that not a single thing about Me Will be a coincidence.  I am a Gemini, messenger of the Gods.  I am going to appear on the world stage on June 5th, My 44th name day.  2017 06 05, or 37 06 05.  Christ, Peace, Perfected man, Vitruvian man, Pentagon, the obsession with the number 5 in Illuminati rituals.  For those who know Me I have said that when I found a Way to speak to the whole world, I would do it on one of My name days.  In Roman times, only Gemini’s were allowed to Writ the Law because they were deemed to be Writing with the Authority of God.  I am ‘O’ negative blood, Universal donor.  When I was younger and getting lost in the Mysterious fog Paulo Coelho refers to in the Alchemist, I wanted to be a great actor, Hollywood movie star or something.  I always figured if I could get the world leaders to listen to Me for five minutes the world would know peace, it would really be that simple.  And so it is.  Trust.

Only I can understand all these codes and know I hold all the Keys and I’m the only one who needs to know.  Illuminati Will welcome Me when they see I have completed the Great Work, the Cestui Que Vie.  It was never an if, only when and now I have Writ a date.  Bear Witness to My Magic, bear Witness to the Power of God in man.  For seven years I have studied man’s laws so I could carefully articulate the perfect expression of Me in a single document.  And it is done.  There is no authority on all of earth who can contest My Cestui Que Vie and stand in Honor with God.  And this is how I Will save the world without lifting a finger because what I truly am is now real in the legal fiction and no one but Me can know the Power of My Magic.  What if I told You that the right of Kings, the Idea of Crowns and authority is such that only the most just King Will know the true value of His Crown and the title is only there as second to God in authority for any man made fiction as the Magical thing every man in the world is to seek and obtain, just to make this whole charade more exciting and fantastical?  The man who seeks the Crown Will win the day, it is the theme of all Hollywood movies and it was only created so that the most noble prince would have a princess to rescue and a Crown to earn for His victory.  Do You not think that if this whole world is Magical I would not want to earn My Crown, now that the truth of it is real in the fiction?  A man must earn His Crown and that is what I intend to do.  I am a true King appointed by God, sent here to save the day!


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