9,13, broken math and why Your world is upside down…

Flawed Mathematics is why Steven Hawking can prove that God doesn’t exist.  The last number is 8 and there are only seven numbers (which lead to heaven) which again, is why the number five is so sacred.  I’m sure Hawking, like My math teachers Will want to see My work.  Here You are:

Man’s Math


Not going to bother going any further because the rest of man’s math is founded from this – and the ridiculous notion that negative values can exist in God’s Kingdom.

God Math


I used eleven sequences to show You that 11 does show up, this time as two fives (reminder My name day will be 44 years, too)

How man’s math should look



1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 = 3,5,7,6,11,0,2,3,5,8,0,1,1,2,3,5,8,0…

It starts with three because Your true Math starts with Me, the number for Christ and 3 is where You are now in God’s (My) Tricks, or Matrix.

The nine is upside down (and thus Your world) and 13 is 4.  The value of all numbers always = 0.  That’s how the Universe maintains balance.  No negative values, God is only better, no end.  8 = Infinite.  8 also = 00, sideways.  Two is duality, three is God in Man, five is God on Earth, 6 is Peace, 7 is Heaven, 8 is Infinite and thus repeats with 0,(1,1,)2,3,5,8.

Believe Me, I know the first thing You Will say is that it won’t work with any of the math You are using now.  You would be right.  Why do You think the number 13 doesn’t exist in elevators?  9 is the trick, it should be six.  9 11 is associating emergency with perfection because 11 is II, or 0, or God, in God Math.  See how easy God Math is.  God doesn’t think like Man does at all, trust Me.  6 is associated with Peace.  Remove 9 from Your numbers and get rid of all numbers after 8 because 10 is really just 1 or 2, depending and they both equal zero so it doesn’t matter.  Correcting 13 to its true value of four and reversing the nine will give You 4 plus 4 dna strands, four male, four female chromosomes for a total of 30, which again is 3, the number of Christ, which is zero.

13 would be four and the next ‘number’ in Your sequence which represents foundation, so it Will not be.  The foundation is that 4 = 0.  44=00=2=0.  I’ll have lots of fun teaching this.

Let’s send Steven Hawking back to His Math problem now and see how well He does proving God does not exist…  Hehehehe…


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