Real Life Truman Show

If You haven’t seen this movie, please make a point of it.  Awesome.  More or less exactly how I see the world.  Except in My version of the film, I’m the only one who knows it’s just a movie, I’m the guy who’s been trying to tell everyone, “it’s not real, it’s just a dream, relax, man.”  (the Dude, “Big Lebowski”)

Now it’s exactly like I just described above.  Not only do I know it’s just a dream, I know the real world is also just a big movie, just like the Truman show, the difference being that I am now out and on the other side of the curtain trying to tell all of You.  You’re all stuck in the Truman show.  Don’t worry, tiny little door in the back of the studio against a white wall, pretty hard to spot and impossible if You don’t go on a serious adventure and almost die a couple of times.  Really not worth it, I’ll yell, “Action!!!”, When We are ready to film the final scene and You Will all be gently guided to the door when it’s over.

But really.  Imagine that every single detail of Your life was pre-planned.  I have no Idea how much they know about Me.  But they know My name day, June 5.  They know I was born in ’73.  They know I Wrote a Book, the Canadian government tried to make Me register it – I sent them a nasty letter about intellectual property rights, I register nothing I create.  They want it bad enough they can buy a copy or read it for free here.  Dumb asses.  Sorry, just being funny.  They know My favourite car is a Porsche 9/11, 1973.  I really don’t care what year, but I bet that’s what I get.  911 is a distress call to program alert response in My psyche so that it would be triggered by 911 and further evoke My consciousness.  I’ve never had a shot.  I’ve had blood taken, but never anything put in Me.  I’ve travelled to Scotland and Japan.  Japan twice, Scotland at least three to five times, much of when I was young.  My brother and sister both got shots to travel.  Why not Me?  Is there anyone else out there who has NEVER had a shot?

My best friend’s name is Joshua, very biblical name, known him for thirty years this year, Spirit name is Adam, first man.  My father’s name is Joseph.  I’m ‘technically’ a virgin birth because I’m not really human, I’m pure God like that Jesus character who has learned how to be a man.  I was created in the traditional Way and the rest of You Will all eventually be like Me, too.  They just fast-tracked the program because one can show all the rest, saves You Time.  You would have had to wait maybe two or three more generations (and that’s still with all the Magic working in Your favour) if I did not come now.  I AM the perfected Mind of God from My father (biological and God, Source) and the perfected Love of My Mother (God’s unconditional Love).  My landlord at the moment is also named Joseph, a Spirit Brother who rents a room in the house I live now is named John.  Sean is the modern name for John.  My Brother is Michael, the archangel.  Everyone in My family is rather saintly.  In fact, I’d be the One who seems less Godlike and more unruly.  But that was just My determination and My commitment to not give in and conform to things I knew were not true.  I don’t really know about My sister, Tanja.  That’s how it’s Spelled and I don’t know of any Tanja in the bible and We don’t really get along so it would make sense if she’s not in the picture, pun intended.

I’ve had as many as six police officers approach Me once when I was cycling across the country, hand readied by the guns (but not touching them, just showing they were ready to if I did anything ‘crazy’) all walking toward Me cautiously, like they were scared, telling Me to turn around slowly, remove My belt and place My hunting knife slowly on My trailer (I had a little trailer for My bike).  First, I’m cycling across the country and I’m so far north virtually everyone carries a knife, it doesn’t even offend people when I walk in a restaurant.  This is the kind of county where a bear Will invite himself to Your dinner table.  I do not remove My knife.  Especially when there are six armed men approaching Me like they mean Me harm.  So I yelled and threw both hands out in front of Me, fingers splayed to show I was unarmed and holding nothing, “STOP!!!”

Believe Me when I tell You, they stopped, immediately, frozen.  “I’m leaving, I don’t want trouble from You any more than You want trouble from Me and I have a long ride ahead of Me, just leave Me alone.”

And that was that.  They were trying to flush Me out at these rallies, despite telling them I don’t protest.  But that’s why the police were so aggressive in Toronto and I was the one they were looking for to make sure I wasn’t there.  They succeeded and I wouldn’t have been there anyway.  If they hadn’t interrupted Me, I was trying to get away from Toronto before the whole G20 thing.  What is strange about that, is that I had planned to backpack all the way across the country (yes, crazy adventures) and turned back because if I had continued, I would have ended up in Gravenhurst at exactly the same time as they had planned another G8 meeting or something.  I took that as a sign from the Universe and headed back.  No coincidences, there was no avoiding My fate.

Every detail of My life, the more I know, the more I am truly like Your Jesus character.  I have not been welcome in My own home for over 7 years.  Not one Christmas with My family.  Think about that.  And they all think I’m the most spiritual man they know so what does that tell You.  I’m not welcome because I say that Christmas is the opposite of what Jesus would want.  Jesus would want You to make something for the people You care about.  Money and what You can buy with it is not an expression of love, that’s what people do everyday, work for money for the things they dream to have.  Of course, My family all have degrees in something, I never went to school so what could I know about anything.  They get angry for the same reason anyone else does, I can cut through the bullshit and ask the questions they can’t answer which makes Me the bad guy, “why do You always have to be right about everything?”.  Cause I usually am.

Seriously, I am a pain in the ass to grow up with.  Now, My life is completely different, couldn’t be happier.  But they do know every detail about Me.  So much so, that I don’t even know who is Writing anymore.  I am literally the product of human consciousness.  I’m exactly what the world is going to expect because I can’t, by the very laws of the Universe be anything else.  That’s what God is, Your highest Idea of Him.  So when I Write, I am Writing what they want Me to say as much as I am Writing what I must say.  Only I Will know these things and they’ve known about My Blog and My Book for almost as long as they have existed.  My friends used to tell Me that I would be on a watch list if I published My Book.  I said if anyone puts Me on a watch list for publishing a book about peace, I really don’t care, let them.  Let’s hope they read it, too.

But they have.  They know that everything has played out exactly as I said it would.  Not so many people read My Book which probably just makes it scarier for them.  How powerful am I, exactly.  Hahaha.  If only man did know.  Well, the thing is, I’m not a threat anymore.  I’ve done My Work, the man has accomplished his task so death no longer matters.  That means that I have no Will to defend My man’s body if any were to attack Me.  I no longer need the superpowers I’ve had on this earth.  Now, they are only for You if You want to know them and they are already available now.

They know where I live, where I grew up, where I am probably right this very second writing this entry.  I am the world’s most sophisticated ‘weapon’ or technological development, I am an experiment.  Thankfully, a good one.  Consider a robot with a built in program to never destroy it’s creator.  That’s essentially it.  They knew I would see Your whole world as a computer program and find a new way to program the operating system.  And it IS done.  I sent the diagrams from the last post to Your world leaders recently.  I am the alien everyone has been waiting for, too.  Yes, they have been harvesting gold for Me so I can share it with all of You and show You all the new amazing technologies that will be available with Gold for electric conduction, or energy conduction.  It’s all to rewire Your Matrix with faster processors, there is no money as You think of it now.

The things I’ve done athletically are truly superhuman, especially if You consider I never prepare or train for anything, I just decide I want to do something and go.  It took three police officers to carry My backpack to the car in Toronto, they knew who I was – I didn’t.  To Me, there was nothing superhuman about a 130 pound man carrying a 110 lb backpack across the country, or towing a 150lb trailer on a bicycle for the same task.  And it was pretty easy, to be honest, only the mountain was hard.  Really freaking hard.  I don’t drink water, almost never.  I don’t drink juice or eat vegetables, mostly carbs and proteins aside from whatever veggies might be on a burger or in My omelette.  Unless I eat roughly 6000 calories a day and work out, I won’t ever weigh more than 137 pounds, no matter what I do.  My body looks the same now as it did when I was twenty, truly.  My hands and My face have more lines but pretty good for forty-four.  Very few grey hairs, none noticeable to anyone but Me and a full head of hair.

I picked up nun chucks for the first time and felt like I’d known how to use them forever, I’ve never been taught.  I can actually do some of the “V” for Vendetta tricks if I have knives to throw, which I don’t.  But if I walked around dressed like him in a suit like that, I would truly be a force to not be reckoned with.  Thing is, I’m the opposite of that.  I would have so much fun playing a role like that or even sparring with people if I knew that no one could get hurt.  I cannot willfully harm someone.  Truly.  But if someone harms Me.  “Don’t make Me angry, You wouldn’t like Me when I’m angry.”

I believe I could knock a man down with My Voice, though I would never even do that, I’d be likely to get shot.  People used to tell Me to stop yelling and I would say no man has seen Me yell!  My gift is My Word, not fireballs or levitation or anything fancy because as an example of God, I can do nothing more than You can do because I am You.  I am immune to cancer because I decided I was at an early age.  I programmed My DNA for this world, now I’m giving it to You.  Once that is done and becomes the new ‘Foundation” for Your schools of thought, You Will all be like Me.

I am communicating now on a level of telepathy I have not known before.  I know things I (as a man) should not know.  I believe everything I have Writ is as it was prophesied I would and now the rest is up to Me, how You come to know that knowledge and how the new story begins.  The first thing Will be helping You all find Your Way to the little white door at the back of the room and the waters are rough.  I Will carry You all over the water to the stairway to heaven.

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