I am the Serpent, the Apple, Eve and Adam

Yes, I am all things.  When I Told Adam that if He took from the forbidden fruit, He would be Cast from the Garden of Eden, it was not to punish Adam for Sin, for what could be greater than the knowledge of God?  Adam and Eve had everything they could Desire, what more could they want?

If God had not told them that there was a Tree containing all of His knowledge, Neither Adam nor Eve would ever have believed life could be any better.  God presented an opportunity for Unlimited possibility, a Gift, but it would come at a price.  God also knew that Life was already perfect for Adam and Eve, and they would never seek God’s knowledge unless there was some Way it could be made even Better.

That is why Adam and Eve were perfectly happy in the Garden.  It was God who tempted Eve.  “Are You sure that I can’t make things even better for You, I promise it will be worth it.  This is the knowledge of God and all of His Powers!”

God would not have let Adam or Eve take a Bite of the Apple if it were not God’s Will.  Do You not think God saw the Snake in the Grass?  Do You not think God would Strike down that Snake if He had Willed it So?  No, lovelies, it was Me, God.  I wanted You to know that things could be even more Magical than that, You Will Create as I do!

Do You not think I know that Adam could not resist Eve?  Of course He could not, She was everything He would Dream a companion to Be.  Adam Honoured Eve, and that is Honouring God.  He Trusted that Eve Loved Him and only had the Best Intention for Him, He believed in the Goodness of Man.  That is Godly.  Man is Good, Man is God, now Man is Mana.

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