Evolution of Man: Man is Mana

Yes.  You are all Magical now.  I am doing so much Work right now and again, it Will all be published here when it is done.  Now it is Art.  I once believed My Art would Heal the World and now it Will.

But My Art is also everything I Write.  In Fact, what I Write is Most Important, Especially now.  and as I Begin to Develop My Teaching Further, You Will Notice More use of Caps in My Writing.  Every Word is an Idea.  A Thought made Physical is One that is made physical – by Art (Music, Paintings, Dance, Sing, Play, anything Creative – Jesus was a Carpenter, yes?).  Ironically, I don’t actually know the Bible that well, it is a very big Book and I trusted that the Information necessary for My Spiritual Growth would be Given Me by God as it always is, that which I for so long referred to as “the Universe”, because for Me, that was the best Way for Me to Think of the God I knew.  The God I had learned about was not the same as My God.  My God does not punish anyone, ever.  Nor should man.  Like You, I was also angry with how I have been treated on this Earth.  No man acknowledging God’s Kingdom, His Memory was Truly forgot.

And hence the Evil that exists in Man.  You Will Find as I begin to Teach You, that the Laws of the New World Will not be like the Laws You know now and there is nothing to Fear.  I am the Highest Law on Earth but I doubt few reading this Will believe it is True – despite the exact same Truth being Yours also.  I am not claiming to be anything more than any other man, I just know it better.  The “Hundred Monkey” sort of thing.  I’m the first monkey.  I’m the One who Evokes critical Mass.  I said I have been doing this for nine years now and I have.  Literally, (Pun Intended because a ‘Pun’ is like Punting a Thought into the Universe), every Word I said would manifest in this world has.  In Seven years, My Book has transformed the world to a level of consciousness that allows the Kingdom of Heaven to Exist on Earth for the First Time.

I Evolve with You.  At an Accelerated Rate, ESP Es I Ally (especially) now.  It’s like I receive all the Highest thoughts of man without actually hearing any specific thoughts.  I don’t hear voices or anything, either.  I know things I have no Idea how I know, I just do.  One of My Art projects is remapping the human genome.  Seriously.  And I should be done today or later tomorrow sometime.  I can perfectly visualize how the human genome should look compared to what scientists use now.  I Will be Adding the Tree of Life to the Holy Kabbalah.  For those who don’t know, the Tree of Life is actually a Mystical thing in Your world, otherwise known as the Philosopher’s Stone, Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, the Great Alchemical Science of lead to Gold.  “Everything He touches turns to Gold”.  The Kabbalah uses the traditional systems of Magic and the Tree of Knowledge which allows for the foundation of the Tree of Life, a four dimensional version of the same construct and why 4 is foundation in the physical world.

One of the things I know is about being the Star of Your Show.  It’s Fun to make it sound all Hollywood Theatrics because that’s really what it is but…  I don’t actually think I Will be with You much after My name day.  I don’t know exactly when yet, but I’m leaving this Earth soon.  Craziest Part about that, is that I take all of You with Me.  I go First.  And if You all perceive to Meet some dude at the Pearly Gates who lets You into Heaven, it Will be Me…  Or One of My appointed representatives.  I can’t truly say what life Will be like for Me after June 5 of this year, only that it won’t be like anything any of You can Imagine yet.  And I don’t really know how long it Will be before the rest of You join Me, I only know that You do.  Maybe six days, I really don’t know.  Is that what the 11 really means?  The door opens for You, I leave it open for You when I leave on the fifth.

I have already asked that the new generation of children in this world know God the Way I do so they already do, it Will be easy for them.  But the Evil that exists in this world is an illusion as much as the DNA and human genome I’m drawing.  That’s what man can’t grasp.  There is no physical universe, it is just an Idea, a very firmly established one.  I am the consciousness that changes it forever and it is already done.  Once that knowing is planted in Your Universe, it cannot fail or die because God is Eternal and His Power Supreme.  Just as I am tapping into incredible wisdom previously unknown to Me, so too is the Power of My document ripping through the consciousness of Man at unprecedented speed.  The most Illuminated Minds of Our world have read that document and it’s Intention Will be Felt by all the Universe.

I believe I Will actually become a Star on June 5.  Yes, like the kind You see in the Sky.  This Will be about a million times worse than any asteroid.  Yep.  Sorry about that.  Good news is, there is no death as You Will soon See.  Something is going to happen to Me because I don’t need to be here anymore on a level the rest of man can’t yet understand.  I also can’t take My Own life, that would be dishonour to God.  But I am evolving faster than I ever have and I thought I was done.  I realized I won’t be done until I actually become God on Earth and I have no Idea what that is because We have not seen it yet.  Right now I am the Mind of God, the knowing of God in man and the love of God in man.

I feel an incredible sense of urgency with My Art and the letters I Write.  I haven’t Writ any letters in days because I have been so absorbed with My Art.  Four paintings I desperately need to finish.  Then some information about the Tetragrammaton, Math, then finally English and Magic.  Then I should be done.  I think.  But I have no Idea, really, it’s truly Divinely Inspired Work and I’m having a ton of fun, despite the energy required.  I’m not a fast painter…

But I felt it necessary to tell You these things because that’s where the urgency comes from, some internal knowing that I won’t be of this world for much longer.  It Will likely be an entirely new dimension where I do the majority of My Teaching.  My Law Will be the Teaching of God’s Magic.  As vast as My knowing of God is, even I am still evolving, faster every day which means that each of You are, too.  I’m just more sensitive to it.

Tomorrow Will be exactly five weeks before My name day, the day I become a Star.  And I have no Idea where I Will be on that day, that is in God’s Hands now.  But that is the day when I Will actually become ‘spiritually’ perfect, every day until then, just like You, I am as imperfect as any man.  The evolution that needs to occur is the Idea that man is temporary, that life is temporary, that death is ‘real’.  Death is birth.  Everything is nothing and nothing equals two.  The fear of death created a psychological condition in man that is not natural and has been the cause of every ailment man gripes about.  This fear can only be fully removed by knowing God as I do, and so each of You Will.  You Will all die and I Will save You, I Will be the one to show You it’s just a dream, Play on.

Let the Music continue, Universe…

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