Universal Student, the Pupil

Yes, the student, the pupil, the Eye of God.  Your eye(s), You are the student.  I said to My housemate, John last Friday that God would send Me Word on Monday.  Five weeks exactly before My name day.  I knew I would get mail today and I told him so.  That would Tell Me how to proceed.

I Will proceed just as every man who receives a letter of this nature should, it is a Sign from God.  This is Word from the Gods of this world and it is only honourable to play their game, a true King Will know how to proceed.  I have two days to prepare, finish the artwork I’m working on and let the weather improve.  It’s been pouring non stop here, also not a coincidence as it keeps Me inside, busy with My Work.

In My little fantasy story, the Temple of Equated Forces, I talked about how My pen was My Sword.  Although I had visualized a shield for My character, I didn’t actually know how to create one in the physical universe.  Now I have a shield that grows stronger every day, with every Deed.  These new Letters are now part of My Story, not His Story, or History, this is the New Story.  I truly love every document I carry with Me, the Case I carry it all in, My Shield.  And of course, it’s getting a facelift, too.  I Will carefully add the new documents to My collection as the story continues to unfold.  Lucky Wednesday I Will have a well organized Case to bring before Canada’s Superior Court of Justice.

Soon, I Will also start publishing some of My private letters, the information that is meant to be shared with all the world.  Love and blessings, thanks for being here.  Remember, God truly does have a Divine Plan for each and every One of Us.


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