Angel Number 22

Roughly five years ago I started to meet a lot of people who told Me that 22 was their lucky number.  Three such people in the span of one week, all with birthday’s on the 22nd.  I Will always say the Universe (God) is speaking (is-being-King) to Us in every moment and that the number means something, a Sign from the Universe.  The first time I looked up the number, it said something about ascending angels.

Well, today is now just under four weeks to the day I Will transform the world.  I say just under because I not only know the date now, but I can give You the exact time – 11:11.  I know this because I had to check out the astrological alignment for My predicted day and it looks like this at 10:33 a.m.:


You can see that things are not lined up just right yet, still a little under forty minutes away.  But honestly, have You seen a more perfect looking astral chart for Your name day?  My friend gave this to Me yesterday, she fully believes she’s got only four weeks left to wait and I don’t like to disappoint.  11:11 = 1+1:1+1 = 2:2 or 22.  I always knew that II was a Door, now I know how 22 fits into everything.

I was also blessed with this beautiful little gem today, just shortly after Writing My post about visiting the Attorney General’s office.  I was thinking about something I had Writ in the prologue of My Book, something like, “the difference between this Book and other books on spirituality is that others Will tell You that awakening to the true self Will make You feel as though You have wings and You must learn to remain grounded.  I Will not do that.  God gave Me Wings and I am choosing to fly, awake and dreaming…”  And here We are.




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