Ministry of the Attorney General: Administration

Do You read the Signs?  This is what the one outside the Wellington County Courthouse looks like:


Notice that the Sign is shaped like a Crown (or Castle) with three protrusions (Trinity), each marked with a Cross.  The three crosses are above a solid line (solid ground) while everything else is below (under the jurisdiction of, buried, dead, corpus, corporate) another line that looks like a castle (or if You rounded the edges, waves, maybe?..).  The solid line, or ‘box’ around the County of Wellington is to protect all of those service workers from laws outside of their SOLID wall (sealed like a tomb?).  74 = 7 +4 = 11.  Eleven is the doorway to heaven.

This is what You can do here…


The reason I said the money I was requesting to compensate for damages was pointless is because if things are done ‘right’, there is no money.  I am discharging the debt that was borrowed in My name in ignorance – that is the responsible thing to do.  I did make a mistake, I did not authorize that the Attorney General’s office had consent to administrate sufficient wealth from My Cestui Que Vie Trust to satisfy the debts.  Sending the documents back to Me without answering to the charges is very unusual because it is an admission of guilt in their own fiction.

This is the trap and why although not granting access to My Cestui Que Vie to satisfy the debts was technically an error on My part, it is something I did consciously (not really convinced I was doing the right thing at the time because I just wanted the whole thing dealt with and done), My ‘reasoning’ was based exclusively on the fact that I wanted a response.  If the charges went completely unanswered then it could end up in a common law court – but it didn’t.

What happened is My Cestui Que Vie was ‘received’, which means acknowledged or accepted unless there is a rebuttal to the claim.  The lawyer is speaking to the charges against the crown within his jurisdiction and he is right about everything he is saying.  If I want this tried in a Commercial Admiralty court I Will have to file the claim into the appropriate courtroom and with the appropriate clerk.  If I do that, I’m negating everything I did with the Cestui Que Vie and why I say it’s a trap.

Essentially, for Me to speak to this court now and hold them responsible for common law crimes in commercial admiralty jurisdiction, I would have to ‘reduce’ My standing and status in law.  This is what people do.  They get themselves ‘out’ then place papers back into the court, reducing their status to where they were before.  The judges and the police are not going to meet Me in a common law court, that’s why they are part of the corporation, ‘protected’ by that solid line around the county.  I’m outside of that line now, above it.  Why would I want back in?

Taking the money (default judgment) would be the same trap.  I would have to enter into commerce again to do it and what would be the point?  Why would I care about even a trillion dollars if I’m sitting on an estate with unlimited commercial value?  This is why I say the system is perfect, despite how twisted it might seem.  To Me, the Idea that You can make right for something by giving someone money is ludicrous.  Insurance, all that stuff doesn’t make any sense to Me.  But to some people it does and that’s enough to make Our system feel like it is ‘fair’ – and if You believe money is necessary, then financial compensation for trespasses against You may be appropriate.  If You have more money than You could ever spend, You probably wouldn’t care how much someone offered You for having done You wrong, it would never make it right.

You know what they say, the best revenge is success.  Why would I care now?  If those police had never abused Me, I would never have studied law and would probably be wandering around the world like a lost hippie hobo.  If everyone who has ever complained about laws studied as hard as I have with as much determination as I did, I believe everyone would eventually get there.  Maybe not where I am with some of the private details, but everything I have published, the steps I have taken in the legal community are simple enough for anyone to follow.

Most people presume that there is a ‘right’ way to do things, as if everyone who has lived before is somehow an authority on how things should be done.  I’m the guy who wants to find the guy who presumes to know better than Me and ask him to prove it.  I didn’t really mean for this post to be so long, the sun is shining, I think there is a full moon tonight or tomorrow and the Knight of Swords is “Acing” his Monday.


Love and blessings,


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