Being the Change…

Well, one of the greatest questions those who have known Me have as King to Me to know, is how I planned to survive when I finally accomplished My mission.  In most cases, it would be phrased much like that because few could understand what I might be hoping to accomplish.

The truth is, I didn’t know the answer.  I honestly didn’t.  But I also didn’t know how I was going to manage without ‘ID’ – that’s why I had a ceremony with a friend of mine.  She is still one of My closer friends now.  I burned all My identification in a little bonfire and told My friend that what I was doing was the most powerful form of Magic.  I was telling the Universe (God) that although I didn’t know how I would manage without it, I knew that learning to was the Key to finding My Way, I was telling the Universe what it was that had to go, what needed to change in the Universe for man to know God again.

Change is one of those things that so many people fear.  I know I will evolve and adapt to any situation; in the microcosm and the macrocosm.  So burning My identification was an example of how I ‘run’ at fear.  Now there was no choice, finding a Way to live without identification (and defend My Self in court) was now ‘do or die’.  And there is no death, only rebirth, so…  So I think I should stop talking about that because many of You really don’t know how powerful My Words actually are.

I still didn’t know the answer when I created My Cestui Que Vie, all I knew was that it was the document I needed to Write, it summarized every truth of both existing laws, the Bible, and who I am – perfectly.  And when I say perfectly, I don’t mean because it is something every man will understand, I say perfectly because every Word of that document activates an element of man’s psyche exactly as it should, they are Words I understand perfectly.

So once it was finally done and I had sent My paperwork to a couple of offices, I immediately felt a sense of relief, My life was different.  I grew more and more confident with My Case as time went on and thus I felt more and more ready should anyone dare challenge My claim.  I had discovered that God’s Kingdom does exist on Earth and not just in a metaphorical, illusive Way but truly.  And I didn’t just invent it, it has always been here, even more Magical than My expansive Mind could Imagine.

I was reflecting on how every Word and every philosophy I’ve ever shared is somehow Magically Mirrored in the Endgame, My most fundamental, primary teaching, ‘be the change You dream to see in the world’.  I am the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever.  I am the change and I have become the Wealth, the Coin (change, anyone) of My Realm.

The only reason I came up with that most recent Word association (change/coin) is because I started thing King just as I did when I first filed the Cestui Que Vie, ‘how do I be the change.’  For those who have known Me, I have always been, ‘the Glory’, the High Spirited, optimistic one believing anything is possible.  In My Mind, I’ve always been the King in My Castle, the boss of My body but that wasn’t actually true in man’s fiction, so I wasn’t the Power, I wasn’t truly the King I claimed to be.  I became the King in man’s fiction and starting being the type of King I believed a good King would be but I still didn’t have any wealth.  The true wealth is not the body, it is the Spirit.  The Glory is God, the Power is being His Word and authority in man’s fiction, the Kingdom is the wealth, the inheritance, the Son (Sun) of God receives for obeying the Will of His Father.

So, no one goes to jail.  And I was never going to make anyone go to jail anyway, the eleven million was just for kicks but I Will say that I really did want to make people apologize to Me, face to face.  And then pour water over their head because I thought that would be funny and something a good, kind and forgiving King would do.  It would go along with Your whole ‘age of Aquarius’ thing, too!!!  Seriously, tell Me that wouldn’t be great!

But for that to happen, I’m gonna have to hit the world stage pretty fast, there really isn’t time for that anymore.  So, upon reflecting on how I might be the best change I want to see in the world, I truly think the best thing I can do now is enjoy life.  I plan to get a Porsche on Wednesday.  9/11 GTS, convertible, seven speed transmission.  Dream!  I drool a little thing King about it.

Aside from My very well deserved Porsche, I just started thing King about how generous I could be with everyone, how much fun it Will be to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do and how much fun it Will be for everyone else I come across in whatever adventures I decide to take on.  Of course, I don’t argue with the Universe (God) and I know I’m leaving here soon but I have a couple weeks left still which is why I figure I should just get the Porsche already.  In My private readings, I was told to wait to travel until the Sun enters My sign and I won’t say when that is.

Did You ever consider that being the change might be the most valuable coin of the realm?  Love and blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God




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