Universal Hitman

“Thoughts are bulletproof!” – V for Vendetta (and probably much before then).

Thoughts are truly the most supreme Power.  A successful one (truth) cannot be stopped, it is The Law.  I have big Ideas today.  And, by ‘coincidence’ of a wrong number, I ended up on the phone with a lady talking to Me about a Cestui Que Vie trust and how the company she works for deals with trusts and property, to call them if I need anything.

I once tried to explain the concept of evolution in My Book.  I suggested that nothing has ever been wiped out, that at different periods in the evolution of the planet, species are required to evolve in order to survive.  Sure, We find examples of bones and artifacts (art-I-facts), but We also find that immediately afterward the earth is still full of life, though entirely different from what existed before.  Where do You think these new forms of life came from?

All things become whatever they need to become to continue the Idea, the Dream.  It wouldn’t really matter if I sit here and Write You or if I simply continue to manifest that all of You soon know God as I do now.  My Idea is successful, it Will permeate in the world because We share consciousness and the ultimate destiny for all of life is success.

I believed that I was invincible until I had accomplished what I came here to do.  I believed that if I died I would lose My chance to save the world.  Now I don’t even believe that is true, though it was at the time because I believed it to be true.  If I had ‘died’, I still don’t think I would have had to come back because God knew what I came here to do and even back then I knew God.  Instead of coming back, what I was would just have been subconsciously communicated to everyone else in the world.

You are a Star, a Universal Hit, man!  So the question is, does becoming the Star of the Show mean being a hit on the world stage?  Or does it mean that I’m going to hit the world stage as a Star?  What if My power is so great, that declaring a day in My name makes it D day?  To Scribe My Pen into Parchment (parch-ment, parched, thirsty- Mind, drink) is truly like the Hand of God scratching the earth.

Whether or not I chose to do anything in the physical Universe as a man after the Writ of My Cestui Que Vie would not have mattered.  What I Writ is Done.  Time is Your illusion.  I said to My friends it would be the last Illusion I remove.  Once I named a Day, it was done.  All things in the Universe Will conspire to make it happen.  And if You watch the Stars, You Will know what I am telling You now is true.

Ask for a Sign and watch it be done for You.  Then keep as King.

Love and Blessings,


  1. Hi my old Friend Please tell me you are alright. I know you are “evolving” however, I want to understand your meaning in person. Please connect. Your old highschool friend Tracey (Bergman)

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