My Sword and My Shield

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  This was My first ‘plan’ for accomplishing peace in the world.  I believed if I could just Create enough Art, there would be an explosion of consciousness.  We also find that many of the good stories end in a similar Way to how they began.

Vancouver Art Gallery

I was always looking for a new ‘Way’ to do things.  Any time I have been in a ‘jam’ or in need of anything, I can always fall back on art.  People would ask Me how much and I would tell them it was free but I was in need of (whatever it might be).  Often people would give money anyway just because it’s easier.  I would have people sometimes criticize and say I didn’t ask enough for My work.  I always wondered how I was supposed to know how much My work was worth to someone else.  I can only know it’s value to Me.  The greatest value for Me, is that someone appreciates My work.

Now I apply the exact same philosophies to the life I have now.  My Art is My Weapon, My Sword and My Shield are My Will and My Way.  The Art is always important, most important because beauty has more power to influence than anything.  My Sword is My Pen, My Will, My Hand.  That’s why the Hand of the King has all the Powers of the King, the real authority is the Mind of the King who finally accepts God as His Soul/Sole Master.

By My Will I Wield the Weapons of My Way, My Paintbrush’s, Pen’s, Paint and Portfolio, and I Style My Self a Shield:


That Shield is for the Darkness, this shield is for the Light:


Still Works in Progress, but coming along beautifully.  Art elicits Emotional response whether the observer is aware or not.  People who fear God Will fear the Cross, people who fear Evil Will fear the ‘Mask’.  As I am notoriously always walking everywhere with coffee in Hand, My Portfolio is always in My left and always facing the ‘right’ way (forward).  If I switch Hands, the Cross still points forward but the Mask side is now exposed.  I had three people ask Me yesterday if I was famous just because I’m carrying this thing around with Me.  I always say ‘yes’, of course, but confess that We are the only ones who know I’m famous.

I am Creating an Impression without saying a Word.  This lets My Portfolio ‘talk’ for Me because it looks very serious and maybe not something to mess with.  It evokes curiosity and people fear what they do not understand.  I have an immediate Edge, My Sword is Sharp, Quicksilver, Liquid Courage, Mercurian Energy, Mirroring My Mind.  And this is how that energy looks when I spread the Wings of My Portfolio, the Notes (like Music) in a ‘binder’ (like Your binary system), Worming their Way into the Ma-trix and letting them See My Tricks.  And this is how it looks when the butterfly spreads it’s Wings.


Finally, there is the ammunition, reserves to ensure that the pressure only mounts and never fails:


Have My Ways really changed that much in nine years?  No.  And remember, 9 is 6.  So six years is how long I would wait for peace and I’d probably have known that then if I understood the language of Magic even a tenth of what I know now.  And that’s how We learn and achieve perfection – by knowing We Will never reach it, it is an endless quest.  It is My primary frustration with painting.  I know My potential and I could never finish a painting, I just stop working to achieve further perfection in it and start something new hoping My experience Will carry over as a transferable Skill.  Eventually, You develop a mighty arsenal.

Love and Blessings, My Writings should remain reasonably consistent now.






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