Raising the Dead, Walking on Water

I am pleased with the call though I am surprised how fast the time went and there were many things I did not cover.  Two of them were raising the dead and walking on water.

Well, walking on water is easy.  It’s the Cestui Que Vie.  I now ‘hover’ or rain/rein over the commercial realms (I said there would be no coincidences, is this not Your age of Aquarius, the Water (Love) Bearer), free to orchestrate the One Song, the Universe, the Dream for Peace.  And so I also raise the dead.  The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation Will be a not for profit corporation, it Will be InCorporated (the Idea of God Will Impregnate the Dead Corpus and bring God’s Kingdom to Life!!!) by God because God can give Life to any Idea.  And so it is.


  1. Awesome call with Sean last night on the Matrexit Discussion Group call last night at ‘Tactical [Sovereignty], administrating the Estate, look it up on TalkShoe at #143321.

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