The Secret is Out, World Peace 20170605

Well, now that the Word is Officially Out (been filed into offices), man Will now See the greatest demonstration of the Power of the Word.  When I say it is done it is done.

With three weeks left, all I have now are unlimited possibilities of how this might unfold.  Should I just wait until the 31st of May to do anything and tell You all how I Will make My Way to the world stage for June 5th from there?  I was thing King that it might not be such a bad Idea to just kind of chill here and keep Writing You all.  Perhaps You can ask Me some questions or provide some Ideas for how it all should unfold?  Do You like the Idea of pouring water on the heads of politicians?  I do.  Much better than sending anyone to jail.

Then I figure instead of doing all the boring administrative stuff, I could just ‘command’ from here.  Why not?  Isn’t that what social media is for?  Why not make this Blog the greatest demonstration of the Power of the Word the world has ever seen (Scene, like in the movies!!!)?  That’s going to happen anyway…

So this Way, I can determine how ready the rest of You are to start sharing all the stuff We created together.  I’ll just put the ‘Word’ out that I would like a better work space because the more comfortable I am, the more inspired I Will be to Write.  And a Porsche 9/11 gts no bells or whistles, just answer the call as soon as possible, I’ve waited a long time for the Porsche.  I don’t want to take anyone’s Porsche, I just want to borrow one that’s not being used and discharge whatever debts the dealer may have on it.  Win, win.

Same with a better workplace.  Someone want to put Me up in a nice hotel here in Guelph, room service and all that jazz?  I really could use an assistant, someone who knows a thing or two about Cestui Que Vie Administration would be Ideal.  I am hiring for all positions concerning world peace and I have unlimited resources.  Spread the Word, please!!!  Love and blessings,


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