Razed From the Dead; Orders and Judgment in the Superior Court of Justice

Once again, I am going to show You where I went today so You can begin to make mental (Mind-All, Mind is All) associations with the Magic of Your world.  This time, I would like You to take special notice of the Beauty of this Tablet of Law:


Archetypically, I am the Trinity, the United Kingdom of Mind, Body and Soul, a Holy and Sacred Institution of God.  I am represented by the 3 Crosses a the top of this Tablet, each representing a part of man’s Kingdom which are reflected by Our First, Middle and Last name.  The solid line represents the ground, a view of the Earth as if We were looking at a cross section beneath the surface containing a Tomb.  The Idea of this being a non-living entity is further reflected by the jagged boxes underneath the solid line.  They have an appearance like a fence, defining a no-man’s land type limbo area between the living (above ground) and the dead (in the coffin).  The Idea of Commerce has always been dead, it has never had any life – until now:


I wasn’t sure if I added anything further to this document so this is what it looked like when I took it to the County clerk today.  This ‘Promise to Appear’ is Issued by the Guelph Police Service who’s First Duty is to uphold the Highest Law, the common Law which is why it was issued from that Jurisdiction.  The rest is commercial law which only applies to corporate titles, not non-commercial Public Property.  The wealth I am administrating from the Cestui Que Vie is not mine, it belongs to all of Us and I am sharing My wealth with all of Canada and the rest of the world.  Why is My fingerprint worth so much?  Because I can do what I just did to the document above.  Then I file the Order into the Superior Court and the Crown offices below Me take care of the boring administrative stuff like discharging this debt, saving the taxpayers of Guelph thousands in legal and administrative fees that would otherwise be involved if this were to go to trail.  And for a $20.00 meal.  That’s why the police did what they did, even though they don’t know that’s why they did it.  It’s good money if You like debt to central banks.  I’m not such a fan, I’d rather be responsible, Honourable and pay the banks back.

So the clerks received My document, I keep the original for My records and the evidence of the local police department’s incompetence and failure to uphold the common law becomes greater and greater.  I asked the clerk for an additional copy so that I could present it to My local police department, “Sure, colour or black and white?”.

Not that it would have mattered, the administration officer at the front desk at 1:00 pm today took the document I handed him to place on the record and threw it on the floor saying he doesn’t care what I have to show him.  Is this the kind of reputation the Guelph police want?  Remember I said that all of their laws work against You when You are in the box but for You when You are above it?  Well, everything the officers do to Me is recorded and I can demand full disclosure from the department of any arrest and publish those video and audio files here so the rest of the world can witness their incompetence first hand.  Anyway, this is what to expect back:


I thought at first the clerk didn’t stamp it because it was on the back.  She told Me she didn’t want to tamper with any of the details of My document or obstruct any of My Writing.  They are most courteous.  I also had to get another letter placed on the record outlining My legal terms of exchange for non-commercial purposes because the Guelph Police managed to lose the one given to the merchant, along with the bill of sale.


Once again, the clerk was more than happy to receive these documents.  Nothing I submit to this courthouse Will be denied, this is where My authority truly lies and this is what an Honorary Masters of the 37th Order actually is – the Highest Order of Law and it can be taught to all.

It is also why it is an “Honorary” Title.  The Crown is not truly earned until Peace is accomplished.  That’s the deal and that’s the prize.  So it is important to Me that My intentions are known by all members within the Crown’s Law Society within all jurisdictions.  The Superior Court accomplishes this, presiding over all jurisdictions and always placing the common law first.  Toronto Crown knows I am acting in Honor now, I am not pursuing the matter in Toronto now that the lawyer told Me the file is closed.  Asking Me to appear in court now would be dishonorable on the part of the judge or justice of the peace (zugzwang in Chess – meaning the next to move on the board will compromise their position, though if the board remains the same, both positions are equally solid or equally damned) unless the trial were to be held in a common law court (where they don’t have authority or jurisdiction anyway, meaning it would never happen).  The professionals in law know what they’re doing and the limits of their capacity – it’s only the police that don’t.  But I figured I would also show My readers one of the letters I Writ was to the actual Attorney General of Canada, advising that I would be using My thumbprint to discharge commercial transactions to the Cestui Que Vie.  Sadly, it truly is not legible or worth posting but I do keep a copy of the letter in My records.

Finally, this last detail was worth noting.  The documents for the Commercial Admiralty realms do not fit in My portfolio, they are completely out of ‘Form’ and seem to have little or nothing in common with the rest of My character (portfolio):


It’s disgraceful and not in Harmony with the rest of My documents so I decided I would create a coffin of My own fall all the dead corporations I give life to on My journey:


As You can See, I have no choice but to break this characters back and place him back in an ‘envelope’, sealed like a Tomb in it’s final resting place.  This is how one Razes the Dead.

Love and Blessings,




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