Singing the One Song; A Universe for Mana

Well, one of My other little known skills is Singing and it’s one of My favourite things to do.  I also mentioned My weakness is marketing and promotions.  That’s a pretty significant weakness when I have 7 billion people to reach.  On the other Hand, I have the Power of My Word, which is Absolute.

So, I figured I should learn to Sing the true Universal Song, Paint the Universal Picture on the world’s greatest Canvas – Social Media.  It seems like the perfect Way to focus My attention until the 31st.  How can I be expected to uphold and protect the common law if I can’t even educate My local police?  I Will make them an example of social media and remind them of their responsibility to uphold the common law.  It is as much My responsibility to teach them as it is to teach My any of My friends.  We are all in this together and We must all understand that the Power I have both financially and otherwise is shared by all.  There is a reason I am showing the world how I Will deal with everything and as I educate the police, I can educate merchants.  Are the thousands of dollars I am saving the taxpayers of Guelph by discharging this debt today going to be considered valuable enough that next time the police might just tell the merchant that My method of payment is perfectly lawful and good for Canada’s economy, discharging debt owed to central banks.  Then the police could help merchants to discover My value in the world and all merchants would want My business, knowing the credit is unlimited and I could begin to be the benevolent, loving and generous King the world is expecting to know.

I sent the Guelph Police a direct message to these links and Will provide a receipt of the bill I Will pay on behalf of the Crown tomorrow.  Let’s hope if I decide to go for lunch afterward they are more accommodating than they were today.  Guelph really is a good town, I have the utmost faith in Our local police and their ability to help the dream for #WorldPeace.

Love and Blessings,

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