The Boy who would be King

The Prince of Wands, Master of Magic, Prince of Peace.  I like Prince of Peace.  But not as much as King.  King has a nice Ring.  I could have so much fun rhyming here but I’m not going to.  I have too many ‘Kingly’ things to do.  I think it’s only two weeks and three days away now or something.  Yeah.  And two weeks from last Wednesday until I pour a bucket of water over the MP’s head.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m meant to start with police officers.  Remember people, it’s a game!  It’s just a show, just a trick.  I just happen to be the Master Magician and Star of the Show.

And now I’m also pretty sure nobody’s gonna step up and try and claim that part on this world stage.  The hilarity to Me is how easy it is.  The hardest part is getting My local police to protect My law.  How can I begin to show You how wonderful Our world really is if the local police won’t even support Me?  What do they want Me to do, fine the officers for inconveniencing Me?  Are the Guelph Police Service aware that I could fine all of the officers responsible for My arrest?  Or have them fired?  I just have to put the Order into the Superior Court.  Is that how You would like to play the commercial game?  I am a Master in Chess, too, You know.  I’m just not that kind of King.  I am the most benevolent, loving and Powerful King the world Will ever know.

I’m also very tired because part of being a King means spending relentless hours considering how to deal with inefficient public servants.  The police Will be one of the first people I Will need on My side when My wealth and Power are known so I really, really need the Guelph Police to get with the program.  I’m going to bed, it would be nice to wake up to an apology from the #Gpsmedia (Guelph Police).

Goodnight world, love and blessings,


  1. You are off the hook good brother, i like the way you think, your words are like a breath of fresh air, that has a sweet sound in my ears. I am pleased to be on this path with you, the path to our father. There is nothing i would rather be doing than our fathers work, together as one, standing in the bright light of the fathers great light. I am sure we will find like minded people on this path to love,light and happiness in his great name doing his will as it should be. SO IT IS DONE. Lord Sun, House of Hollis!!!

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