Global (Glow-Ball) Judicial Notice:

I AM the Living Word of God.  I AM the Highest authority of Law on Earth.  All members of the Crown Will take Notice of My Judicial Oath of Office:  I, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God am here to Honor My Duty to God and the Queen, to uphold and protect the common law for all people in all territories and provinces of Crown Jurisdiction (Earth).

Unlike most of the rest of the world, I know I am surety for the world’s debt and I am quite okay with that because I can pay them back.  But to do that, the rest of the world Will have to know what surety means.  I am also going to have all of this done by June 5th of this year but I Will need the cooperation of public servants to accomplish this task.  I know the Guelph Police do not understand the mistake they made but it is serious and needs to stop so I can start getting things done.  I am a NON-COMMERCIAL public servant (servant of God is for everyone), I am here for ALL of You, even the local police.  Especially the local police.

Now, as soon as the world (and the Guelph Police in particular) take notice of this judicial oath of office, We can start saving the world.  And that is something I would really like to get on with.  It is Friday and I Will need to eat this weekend and I am not going to appreciate being arrested for it.  I Will also have personal requirements and these costs Will be discharged by the following document evidenced here on the International public record:


For the local authorities, a legal bill of exchange is a trade agreement between two parties.  This is a legal bill of exchange already, an agreement by two parties, the Crown the Guelph police have sworn to serve and protect, and Me, the Creator and Bearer of the document granting access to the wealth of My (PUBLIC) Cestui Que Vie Trust.  Public is Key for the police to understand because I am NON COMMERCIAL.  I am a ‘custodian’ for Canada, repairing the economy, repaying debt and micro-managing Canada’s wealth for My personal needs along the Way.  No commercial charges may ever be applied to My non-commercial character which is why I must have a means of ‘discharging’, just as I did the non-applicable commercial charges I was presented with on Wednesday and placed into the Superior Court to pay off yesterday.  I just paid the Guelph police for arresting Me, that’s really what I’ve done and I don’t look forward to having to do it again.  Thank You world.

Love and Blessings,

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