Order in the Court!!!

It’s hard for Me to sleep right now.  My Mind is buzzing with Ideas, literally.  Over this weekend I have fortified My plans.  I truly have been focused on accomplishing peace in this world for as long as I can remember thinking in English.  I don’t speak any other languages, by the Way, not even French.  But if You don’t talk too fast, I can grasp most Latin languages well enough to know what’s being said.  I’m pretty good with Spanish because I had a sales job once and We called the U.S., so speaking Spanish was the first Way to double Your sales and how I became a top sales rep and manager very quickly.

I do have plenty of experience for the position, too, by the Way.  Just the nature of being who I am means I’ve done just about every common job there is to do and I’ve been offered management virtually everywhere I’ve ever worked.  I was either loved or hated by managers – loved by the ones who could benefit from My skills, feared by those who worried I might take their job.  Thing is, I was never interested in management, especially if it was in hospitality of any kind (which I did a fair bit of).  I never wanted the hassles or pressure, I like to motivate people and be happy.  I did like managing when I was in sales because I could motivate people.  And most people who worked on My team would tell You I was a pretty good guy to work for.  I used to put little motivational quotes on queue cards on the computers of all My team members, a little something to inspire their day.  It took time, I think I had about 30 people on My team and I Wrote the cards out the night before.  I’d always see a bunch of them in the garbage on My out but I continued to do it anyway.  One day after almost two weeks I was cleaning the workstations and under one of the keyboards were a stack of the cards I’d made, all with little hearts on them and other little doodles that made each one look so pretty.  I was so happy that I had continued to make those cards even if this was the only person who had appreciated them, it was worth it.

When I first awakened, all My philosophies about positive thinking were no longer philosophies but absolutions and I knew I had to go for the gold, set My sights on the greater good.  I had no Idea how I would accomplish peace in the world, though I did like to Imagine how it might happen.  I believed My consciousness was enough, that I could probably just Will the world into being if I could have the peace, time and focus to do it.  So I initially set My sights on finding a Way to dedicate My Self to a Spiritual life for exactly that purpose.

I had Imagined that as consciousness continued to grow, I would just get more readers on My Blog, more people interested in My Book.  I called it a Prophecy for Peace for a reason, I figured it would show up in Google searches and when enough people were asking for Peace, We would have it.  I figured the momentum would just continue to build slowly in readership of My Blog over the years.  But My Blog has always maintained a reasonably modest audience of roughly ten readers and it’s been reasonably consistent.  I had Imagined that one day the whole world would be reading My Blog and that would be how the world would know Peace.  I know, seems too simple but nothing ever really seems difficult or inconceivable to Me.  If I can think it, I can Will it.

What I didn’t expect, was that My greatest piece of Writing would be a one page document that would be remembered by all the world.  And of course, initially, I would be the only one to know the value of it.  I did not ever Imagine that creating the document would give Me the Power to make My dreams come true in the physical Universe in the Way that it does.  Usually I just manipulate things with My Mind, Will that which I need into being.

But now I can place orders into the Court.  And although I’ve had this Power for some time, I still haven’t placed any Orders, I just gave My Self the right to discharge debt with My thumbprint.  I Will be placing My first Orders into the Court on Tuesday, I Will likely spend most of the day drafting the documents tomorrow (it’s 4:15a.m., what I really mean is later today).  I Will also, (as always) be sharing the documents I place into the court on Tuesday here so that everyone knows what My plans are.  The more I show You, the sooner You Will See how easy everything can be and the less the world Will worry about a man calling himself King.  We are all Kings, remember.

So, today is the day I begin establishing Order, this is the foundation, the Idea.  I Will work on this Idea for the majority of the day and share the product of My efforts with You all after I have placed them in the court tomorrow.  The Superior Court is God’s Court and His Jurisdiction is all the Earth.

For so many people it really Will seem too easy but I want You all to know that all of this has truly been very hard work, only now is the road and path to victory crystal clear.  I never give up and I never surrender.  When You all see the plan I managed to come up with over the gift of this long weekend, You Will know how valuable this extra day has been for Me.

Love and Blessings,


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