The Human Race: Overcoming Hurdles

Well, it’s Moon-day of the short week-end.  Really, that’s what it is.  The weekend was no longer than usual; the week is shorter because today We rest – or work if You are motivated enough to do so.  And here in Guelph, it’s dreary, kind of cool for this day in May and, well, not really very inspiring.  I also have some ‘serious’ work to do today, drafting up proper Orders to place into the court tomorrow and motivating My Self to get it done took a little a extra work this morning so I figured I would share with You how I ‘motivate’ My Self when I don’t really feel like it.  Seriously, the mood of this day is more like a ‘sit down and watch Netflix’ kind of day.

But if I were to sit down and watch Netflix, I might just get into something I really enjoy and it Will set the ‘tone’ for the entire day and it won’t be in Harmony with My Universal Idea, it Will be ‘out of Key’, and potentially delay My progress.  So, I knew I had to do something to motivate My Self.  So I started thing-King, reminding My Self where it is I plan to be in two weeks and what I might need to do to get there.  I began visualizing My Self in that place, doing all the things I have always dreamed I would do.  It didn’t take long before I was then-King about all the Ideas I could share with You, all the different Ways that My Idea might come together.

That’s what I do.  I don’t ever really know the specifics, the details – don’t sweat the small stuff, keep the focus on the prize.  The moment I do that, My Imagination begins to take over, I start considering the different possibilities, how all these things might come together and the more I do this, the more possibilities there are to consider, the more conceivable everything I dream to manifest in My life becomes.  Instead of seeing the hurdles in front of Me, I see the momentum I’m building as I make My Way down the track and begin to laugh, almost offended by the height of the hurdles I’m to clear – “really, that’s all You got, I thought this was supposed to be a challenge!”.

And the outcome of this Magical Manifestation this Marvelous Monday Morning was this post.  As I found a Way to motivate My Self for the day, I knew I could use My own personal application of the wisdom I’ve gained on My journey to share this secret and strategy with You.

In the game of Life, there is no ‘down time’, that’s only for those who like to be down, that’s why it’s called ‘down time’.  Life is about Dreams and focus, never loosing sight of the prize and never, ever giving up.  No one is going to win a race the first time they run.  But if a man runs every day, He Will grow faster and stronger with each passing day until he wins the race.

Will Smith once said in an interview that he attributes his success to relentless persistence and effort.  He made an analogy of two guys running on a treadmill.  He said the difference between him and the other guy would be that he won’t stop as long as his heart is beating in his chest, he Will endure any amount of strain or pain and that is the kind of dedication We all need to have.  Will Smith also said that if what You choose to do with Your life is not making the world a better for everyone in some Way, then You are not reaching Your potential.

So, this Monday morning, stay motivated, stay focused on that prize, Your greatest dream.  It is called the human race for a reason and You’re not going to win if You’re sleeping on the side of the track, watching everyone else run.  Every day, every moment is an opportunity to reprogram Your Mind, pay attention to what it is You are focused on and adjust Your lenses so You can keep that dream crystal clear in Your Mind’s Eye.

Love and Blessings, Happy Monday!!!





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