3rd Day of Xmas; Three French Hens

Okay, I’m going to do a brief recap of where We are now.  There are now 10 days left (including today) and nothing Will be a coincidence.  10 is the end of a unit in the metric system, which in the Macrocosm represents the end of an age.  The metric system was developed from the cubit and the basic premise is that one square meter is the amount of physical space required for a single man to exist comfortably.  This provided a unit of measure that would provide a Foundation for lodging; a ten meter square Foundation could house 10 people comfortably in a single room.

However, using our current math system, We Will never know truth because it is continuous, the numbers can continue to grow indefinitely but Will never actually be infinite because Our physical Universe is finite, though God’s wisdom and math is infinite.  You cannot know infinite in a finite Universe, meaning that Our current math Will never allow for the realization of God.  A thing can only be built so high, a thing can only go to a depth in the ocean so deep, Our physical Universe has limits.  So, for Our physical world to know God, it too Will have to become infinite and endless, We Will have to change Our Minds if We want to entertain new possibilities.

The Partridge in the Pear Tree We already discussed as representing the Christ:  the Mother bird sacrificing herself by acting injured to protect her children, representing the sacrifice Christ made on the Cross.  It does not represent Me, it represents the Christ who sacrificed His life for the greater good of man.  The Pear Tree represents the Tree of Life, the new Tree that Will come from the sacrifice of the decaying fruit (also representing Christ and the new wisdom His example and Idea planted in the fertile soil of man’s consciousness.

The Two Turtle Doves represent the Old and the New Testament, or “Test of Mind”.  In the old test of Mind, man failed to understand Christ’s message, consciousness was not yet ready for his teaching, but He knew His example and Idea would prosper and grow from the fruit of his labour, and that one day, the Tree of Life would bear fruit.  I represent the fruit of that tree, the Tree of Life that was promised would one day be available to all the world, the new garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth.

The French Hens:

“Three French hens” was representative of Faith, Hope and Charity…the Theological
Virtues…sometimes referenced as Faith, Hope and Love…the three gifts of the
“Spirit that abide” (I Corinthians 13). The French hens may also represent
God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

Clearly, this represents the Trinity as the number 3 always does.  This is speaking of the new man, the United Kingdom of God, a man complete in Body, Mind and Spirit – the Holy Trinity, or the Whole “E” (Energy, Ether, Life) Trinity.  This is the true United Kingdom of God.  Every common wealth country is part of the United Kingdom because the belief has always been that those who are given the teachings of Christ Will follow His example and Unite their Kingdom as He did.  The Dream of the United Kingdom and Intention behind it, has always been that We would all one day be United as Brother’s and Sister’s in God’s Kingdom.

So, as much as this represents the Trinity, the Father (Mind), Son (of Mother, physical) and the Holy Ghost (Spirit), it only represents the Holy Ghost because none have claimed God’s Kingdom as Christ did.  In the Macrocosm of Our human experience, the Trinity represents the United Kingdom, which has always acknowledged God as supreme authority and the ultimate expression of unconditional Love.  It has always been the hope of those master masons and the great Architect’s who designed Your world that We would all return to God’s Kingdom in time.  Until then, there are some very strict rules governing Your life in Order to keep You all safe.  At least, that is the Intention.

So, as I continue to unveil the Truths of Your world, You Will hear Me talk more and more about the Powers most perceive to be oppressing humanity.  None are oppressed, except in their Mind.  The United Kingdom is the most incredible human accomplishment this world has ever seen.  My job is to give You the eyes to see it as I do.

Love and Blessings, more adventures coming soon,



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