My Name Day is always a New Chapter

Today I am just going to show You what came up in Google after typing in the search query, “Second coming family rejected.” You can click on this paragraph to the first link the search query shows, which just happens to be the 44th Chapter. World Peace is My dream for My 44th name day, the New Chapter of My life.

You might wonder why I decided to type that into a search query and it probably sounds a little sad for My readers.  This Post is about Leadership and it expands upon My Great Work, what it has taken Me to be where I am now, what sacrifices I have had to make and am still forced to make if I am to accomplish My task – and for Me, there is nothing else.

My Mother and Brother have not spoken to Me since I told them that I had accomplished My task.  And perhaps one day those letters will be available for the world to read, so I can share the Love in those letters, the happiness and gratitude I was expressing.  They say they support Me, but they are just too kind to tell Me they think I am crazy.  I have not been invited to a family function of any kind in roughly seven years.  I have two nieces and one nephew I Will never know because I am considered a bad influence.  Yet for every other person in My life, I am a source of great wisdom and inspiration, I will inspire anyone who knows Me to pursue their dream and believe that anything is possible.  For them, I perform miracles as wonderful as anything the Christ has done in the Bible, save walking on water and raising the dead, which I knew would be My final tricks (Ma/My, Tricks/Trix, Matrix) and were only Mastered this year.

I began sharing My enthusiasm and gratitude with My family, thanking them for putting up with Me for all of these years and now they don’t even Write Me back.  And now, as I Write this, I have tears in My eyes, it does make Me sad.  But only because I’m telling You about, thing King about it, allowing those Ideas to manipulate My emotions because I care for them so much and I did all of this for My Mother more than anyone else in the world.  My Brother has always been My best friend, the one who was always in My corner and he has turned away from Me, too – ever since he had to bail Me out of jail in Toronto.

But this post is not about sadness.  It’s about knowing that the loss is My Mother’s and My Brother’s because they won’t be able to share the most magnificent part of My life with Me, they Will miss it.  And I’m not sad because I feel unloved or rejected, I am sad because I know how they are going to feel when they see Me succeed, how foolish they Will feel for not being here with Me now.

This is a Post about not letting anyone EVER tell You what You can or can’t do.  EVER.  Only You know what You are capable of and You are capable of anything You believe You can achieve.  If You know that, failure is NOT an option, it is an opportunity for growth and expansion.\

Love and Blessings,

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