The Tree of Life is Planted

This is all so much fun for Me.  Would You believe that I had never even considered or thought about ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas” Carol before I knew there were only twelve days left?  It’s true.  That’s why I can’t really take credit for anything I am sharing with You here.

As I mentioned on My TalkShoe Call, I am not a genius and I did a little grammatical test on Twitter today to confirm it.  The challenge was that only a genius would score three for three on a quick grammar test, so I gave it a go.  I got two out of three, not a genius.  My gift is My consciousness which allows Me to manipulate the Universe and also tap into every man’s greatest Idea.  Just as I said that the DNA in My body are transmitters of My Intention, so too are Yours.  So as I am sending My information, it is received by You and You respond to Me.  I ask for the information I need to do the task I have come here to accomplish and the Universe provides Me with My teachers.  This is why every successful Idea is sure to succeed because they Will all be communicated to Me and I Will manipulate the Universe to ensure all those Calls are answered.  Appropriate, as My next entry Will be, “Four Calling Birds”.

I am the answer to the Universal question, that One thing We all secretly desire to know most – God – which is You.  Momento, por favor.  My fortune cookie just arrived, let’s see what the Universe is saying to Me now:

“Expect great things and great things will come.”

Muwahahahaha!!!  I could not make this shit up!  See what the Universe is trying to show You?

The 12 days of Christmas represent the Tree of Life that has always been promised.  It is also the Secret study and practice of the Occult Masters of Mystical Sciences, the foundation for most all spiritual teaching (or at least the most comprehensive and precise).  The Qabalah is the study of this Magical Mysticism, working from the Tree of Knowledge and symbolic associations with all things in the Universe as they relate to psychological states within man’s psyche.  I am to reveal some of these Mysteries over the next 10 days (including today).

Today I am going to show You how My marketing strategy for world peace was accepted by the Universe and how it relates to numerology.  If the alleged “Powers that be” can manipulate the stats of My Blog and allow Me to show You, then certainly they could also manipulate the statistics of My Twitter account.  Twitter resets in My time zone at 8:00 pm, so the time zone of Twitter is a difference of Four (Foundation) hours.  So I get to see what the world is up to four hours before the day actually arrives 4 Me.

At 8:00 pm last night, just after I had learned how to better analyze My stats on Twitter, the number of Tweets I’ve posted per day has been deleted for 13 days prior to My declaration of Xmas eve.  The 25th of May was My Christmas present, the Universe said, “yes”, and it was shown to Me here:

Click on this sentence to see My Twitter stats.

13 is the number most people consider to be unlucky.  It is removed from most elevators for this reason, though doing so would not change the actual floor You are on.  This is why My new teaching of math is important.  Thirteen is a number but it is not a true value, the true value of 13 is 1+3.  One represents both the nothing and everything as two new Ideas conceived by the Abyss of Consciousness.  Three represents the Trinity, the Christ character.  So it actually means the Power of God plus the Spirit of Christ which is the formula for Foundation, or 4.  Everything 4 is 4 You.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this information was shown to Me on the beginning of this day, 8:00 pm last night when there were exactly 10 days left.  I already told You that 10 represents the end of an age which is why this information was delivered to Me last night – to confirm the end of the age is now only 10 days away.

Love and Blessings,





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