The Twelve Days of Christ Mass Consciousness: 5 Golden Rings

I had to do a little research before Writing this entry. I know that five represents perfection, the five pointed star continuously seeking Truth in every direction. I can tell You that this is also represented by the Letter V, the Roman Numeral for Five has the same value in man’s psyche as the number or the five pointed Star. They all represent perfection in man’s psyche. It seems logical that I should use the same reference for each of the twelve days of Christ Mass Consciousness for consistency in My teaching, so here is what Our website has to say about the “Five Golden Rings”.

“Five golden rings” was representative of the first Five Books of the Old Testament
(also known as the “Pentateuch” or the “Books of Moses”) which relate the history of
mankind’s fall from grace and chronicle the law condemning humankind for their sins.

The first five books of the Bible have commonly come to be referred to as the Pentateuch, a word derived from the Greek penta, meaning, “five,” and teuchos, originally meaning “a case for carrying papyrus rolls” but in later usage, meaning the “scroll” itself.

I found this paragraph particularly interesting and You can click on the paragraph above for a link to the page I found the quote.  The line ‘in later usage, meaning the “scroll” itself’, I found especially intriguing.  I have essentially summarized the teachings of God into One Scroll which is actually on parchment but only because the art store did not have papyrus and I was too impatient to wait for them to Order it.  It is the One document that Trumps all of man’s previous Laws and unlocks the wealth of God’s Kingdom to pay for all of man’s SIN’s (Social Insurance Number, Social Security Number).  I Will also venture out into the world with nothing more than My laptop, a backpack and My portfolio containing My ‘Scrolls’, or Legal documents.  Again, no coincidences.  It may also be worthy to note that in My own legal documents, it was One document to Establish Kingdom, three further documents to solidify the Intention and build a strong foundation.  The Fifth document I published Established My living man’s thumbprint as the portal to the wealth of God’s Kingdom.  No coincidences.

It also says I am to talk about the how man was made in God’s Image and I am going to tie this into the first document I published on the public record and how that document represents the five books in One Scroll.  Man was made in the Image of God means that man was Created in the likeness of God.  Man is the physical expression of God on Earth and His Voice and His Word reflect the same Truth.  It is, in fact, why the fall was necessary.

This is a very complex Idea to understand and not exceedingly easy to articulate in Writing but I am going to do My best:

I once said that the Bible could not possible be the Truth because the common man did not know how to read and Write 2000 years ago, there was no logical Way that any of the Apostles or witnesses of Christ’s Deeds could have recorded them.  And I’m sorry, but it’s true.  However, what the example of My life Will show You is that it doesn’t mean that the Apostles did not exist or that their stories are false, it only means they did not need to be recorded because their stories had already been prophesied, or foretold and that which is Writ Will manifest – the amount of time for the manifestation is relevant to the consciousness available to receive it.  If You try to install a 10 gig program onto a 2 gig hard drive You are not going to have much success.  If You put the 10 gig program on a 10 gig hard drive, it might run but it will lag.  But if You install a 10gig program on a 100gig drive with all the appropriate processors and hardware, the program will run as fast as it is capable and perform at its optimal level.

When man was first Created, He was Created in the Image of God and as such was already ‘perfect’; He could Create with the physical body anything He could conceive in His Mind, just like God.  The problem with perfection is that it has no motivation, no need for further growth and God knew that if He did not appear as a Snake in the Garden and tempt Eve with His irresistible knowledge, they would forever be satisfied in God’s paradise.  God wanted Adam and Eve to know even greater Glory and He knew that the only Way this was possible was if man were to forget He is God.

I also mentioned in My Book that Adam and Eve both taking a bite of the Apple was also symbolic of only one part of God’s knowledge being digested.  Man’s consciousness was not big enough yet to digest all the Wisdom contained in the Apple and as always, God knew the Growth would be painful but the result would Glorious.  God always knows best.  What doesn’t kill You, makes You stronger.  What Will man accomplish when He discovers He can’t die?

This also relates to Our perception of Ego because psychologically, this is what the fall represents, the development as Self as separate from God, where Adam and Eve were at One with God.  To perceive something better, man had to first conceive things were not perfect to begin with.  The Ego believed Self was God, rather than the collective.  The forgetting of God brought with it the fear of death and the Illusion of mortality.

Man’s forgetting of God meant the forgetting of God’s Law, so a foundation for God’s Laws needed to be Established.  The story of God being disgraced with man’s behaviour after the fall and asking Noah to build the Arc is a deeply symbolic Story of the necessity for the knowledge of God’s Love to return to man.  Water always represents the Love of God in man’s psyche, as does the colour Blue.  The deluge and floor represent God’s Love pouring down on the Earth.  Also consider that all of man was eliminated save Noah, his wife, children ,and two of each creature, and that every man who dies returns with a higher understanding of God.  If this concept can be understood, then symbolically, it represents the new ‘landing’ of God on solid ground after the deluge a new age and era of man where God’s Laws would be Established in Writing.

These laws were eventually handed to Moses on the mound and He carried them down to the people (God’s authority is always represented by a higher plain or dimension) with the 10 Commandments.  Remember again that 10 always represents the beginning of a new age, proof of My teachings.  The Ten Commandments provided the Foundation for the Laws that would govern man’s desire to serve Self (Ego) instead of God, claiming ownership of Land and property.  This marked the beginning of  the age of trade and commerce.  These Laws would eventually provide the foundation for the Commercial Admiralty Laws governing Our world today as man’s system of commerce became more and more complex.  

Money was borrowed from the Church but regulated by Central banks and the assurance was a trust in God and that man would eventually give up their ‘childish’ ways and learn to share God’s Kingdom.  The Laws governing commerce allowed the development of Ego to focus on material wealth and gain which would be achieved by productivity, Creating the Kingdom We are all free to enjoy when We agree it is more fun to share and prosper together.  When the world is removed from want and fear, the world will know Peace.

This is a rather complicated topic so if any of My readers would like any further explanation, please feel free to leave questions in the comments and I Will do what I can to answer You.  

The True Law of God’s Kingdom is that We (together) are the living expression of God and that which We have collectively Created is the wealth of God’s Kingdom.  The United Kingdom of God is all the Earth and it is available for all to enjoy, the Door is now wide Open.

Love and Blessings,

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