All the World is a Stage…

Well, I must be making some progress.  My recent ‘Tweet’ to the Governor General of Canada, the Attorney General and My Member of Parlour Games representative Lloyd Longfield don’t show up in My feed anymore.  So either one or all of them have ‘blocked’ Me – or so I’m guessing.  I guess there is a mute option as well.  That’s good for Me because now I know they hear Me.  And if they are concerned about My tweets showing up on My feed, then they must have something to hide.  Amazing how people incriminate themselves.  I’m guessing they presume that they can go on ignoring Me forever if they want but I don’t think a lot of Canadians are going to be too thrilled to find out that (even if a citizen did take the time to voice concerns to their local M.P.) their cries would be in vein, anyway.  There was always the presumption that in a free and democratic country, every man has an equal opportunity to have their voice heard.  That clearly is not the case.

However, having said all that I did also say I was having a fabulous day and I am.  Remember, it’s just a game, a show.  And just so all of My readers know, I am of the presumption that all the people I just referenced are well aware of My position and have been instructed to give Me no guidance or assistance whatsoever.  They know I’m going to be the only one who truly knows the power of My documents and they just want to see how I handle the responsibility.

In My defence, I’ve been pretty patient.  Lloyd got three letters from Me; two e-mails that were very casual asking to have an ‘off the record’ talk with him about My concerns.  He ignored Me and to this day has not responded to ANY of My letters.  It IS the duty of an elected public official to respond to Written concerns from the community.  It is one of their primary responsibilities.  When he failed to do his job, I notified Jody-Wilson Raybould who would be the appropriate person to notify.  She failed to respond to My letter and failed to get Lloyd to respond to My letter.  So both of these individuals are failing miserably in their first appointed duty of office (to protect and uphold the common law).  Now the Governor General is involved and he should really be doing something and he’s not.  That’s three strikes and the highest authority I have to complain to in this country.  Next is the Queen and the Pope who already know My intentions.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, I sent them both letters to let them know what was going on in Canada and how I planned to restore Honour to Her Grace, Glory and Majesty’s Crown.  If I suddenly drop off the face of the earth, You Will know that We really do live in a messed up, corrupt world where there is no way for a man of God to succeed on his merits alone.  That is not going to happen.

So I have to let them know I am serious and getting frustrated.  Not like I’m going to go to their home and try to arrest them or anything, My job is just to continually remind each of them why they are in their elected positions of office in the first place and what the oaths were that they swore to protect and uphold.  That is what I have done.  Failure to respond is justifiable grounds for dismissal of their position – it’s treason against the people of Canada in favour of corporations and profit rather than the inherent value of human life.

So do keep in Mind it is just a game.  They could find Me anywhere I am in a heartbeat if they wanted to.  The fact that they haven’t should tell everyone something.  I made so much noise today that if they don’t silence Me a little bit, things might get out of hand and there are only two days left, We don’t want any scandals on Our hands.  I don’t even think that any of them could tell Me why they are guilty of treason, fraud and slavery – that’s what scares them.  If what I say is true, then it does mean that money is as much an illusion as everything else and I don’t think they can grasp that concept yet – not until it’s official.  That is also the reason why I anticipate that I Will just “Miraculously” appear wherever it is I’m meant to show up.  Everything was pre-planned, including Mr. Lloyd Longfield, Jody Wilson-Raybould and the Governor General.  They might not know yet but they have no clue how to respond until they do and are probably just hoping I Will go away.  I won’t.  What else do I have to do now?  I have no money until My declaration of God’s Kingdom is acknowledged (and none have the right to refuse it, for anyone).

So I hope You are all having a beautiful day.  I Will Write You all more tomorrow and let You know of any developments in My plan but I’m not anticipating much now except more Blog posts.

Love and Blessings, be with You soon,


    1. Hi!!! So great to hear from You – especially here!!! I hope You Will continue to share My journey with You here. I love You so much, this was a beautiful gift and a wonderful Way to start My Saturday in Ottawa. It is a gorgeous day, I’ll try to take lots of photos and share them here, too. All My Love, (and don’t worry, I still have plenty left for the rest of the world 😉 ). Me. xoxoxo

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