The Second Night of the Apocalypse

Wow, the fated day draws every nearer!  I would Write more but this being in Ottawa business has been exhausting.  I must have walked 30km in the last two days, probably considerably more.  My left thigh has a super smooth bald patch where the laptop bag swings against My hip all day and My shoulder…  Just ouch.  That’s not even the tricky part.  The tricky part is finding ‘good’ little cafe’s in this town where I can just chill, eat and drink coffee all day.  I did eventually find a bunch of Starbucks and Tim’s but I’m not really a big fan, as much as I go there.  Starbucks I like just ’cause I like really strong coffee, dark roast, and Starbucks is the only place that makes coffee like I do.  Tim’s I only like because I know what I will find – primarily reasonable coffee at a reasonable price, internet is almost guaranteed (power is not, though, Starbucks trumps Tim’s on electronic ‘features’ like USB ports and electric outlets).

I only found one Tim’s with any power to plug in at all and even the Starbucks here only have two or three tables ‘wired for sound’.  The other option would be McD’s but I can’t stand McD’s, generally speaking.  It’s really only an option if there is nothing else.  I’ve also been trying to walk around and find out where I can go to meet some of these politicians who refuse to answer My letters.  Found Trudeau’s office (in Ottawa) entirely by mistake but it’s good to know.  Governor general’s office was another one I was looking for and the Attorney general but no luck.  For a government that claims to be democratic and for the people with nothing to hide, they sure do keep a lot of secrets.  And a common man is not allowed to voice his opinion in the house of commons if he is unsatisfied with his local MP?  How insane is that if it is true?  It would literally mean that the second an MP attains a position of office, they can just say screw everyone and do what they want and there will never be any consequence.  Hmmm…  No wonder they’ve gotten so sloppy and forgot what the true laws are.

This letter is to officially state to all so called ‘leaders’ within the Canadian government that I don’t believe a single person in this country knows the law well enough to respond to My letters appropriately.  Does Sean Kearney actually believe that because I didn’t file charges into a court that there is no guilt?  I don’t think so.  I think he knows damn well the Crown is guilty but has no clue how to respond so instead decided to say nothing.  Would You all LIKE Me to drag all this paperwork into an international common law court where You can all stand before Me and be judged by a jury of peers?  Would You all like that?  That is what is going to happen to every one of You, You are all guilty and none of You are even trying to make peace or apologize.  Ask and it shall be done…  But until You admit Your guilt and honour My title as King, none of You are fit to be in Your elected positions of office because clearly, none of You know what the common law is or that it even exists!!!

So now You’ve been told.  I am a King, whether any of You understand the documents or not.  And tonight I Will stay in a shelter because I don’t use money anymore and You’re not honouring My documents which means You are also dishonoring God and God’s Kingdom.  That also means You are dishonoring the United Kingdom and that doesn’t bode well for any of You.  I suggest You each do a little of Your own private research tonight, study the law, find out what a “Cestui Que Vie” is and then maybe You will understand what You should be doing with one – and how serious Your transgressions against Me are – especially now.

This is day two.  Two more days before You will all be held accountable.  How, I don’t know – cross that bridge when I get there.  For now, social media will do the trick.  I’m outright calling everyone in the Canadian government incompetent until I see an example of anything that may suggest otherwise.

Happy second day of the Apocalypse.  Yes, I am the bad-ass Buddha.  And I’m having a fabulous day though I don’t think I’ve slept for about 30 hours so if I sound a little irritable…  Well, You’ve only kept Me waiting five months and I’m the wealthiest man on earth taking refuge in a shelter in a common wealth country!  You should all be ashamed of Yourselves!  And I’m not being funny, I’m being stone cold sober serious.

Love and Blessings,


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