12 Days of Christ Mass Consciousness, 10 Lords a Leaping

With all the other stuff keeping Me busy in Ottawa, I didn’t get a chance to touch on the 10 Lords a Leaping, which was yesterday, June 2nd.  So the second night of the Apocalypse is also the second day of My Foundation.  Ten Lords a Leaping represents the 10 Commandments, which I did cover previously as being the Foundation of ‘New Law’.  Again, this is similar to the Idea of the Old Gods and the New.  We Honor the Old Gods by understanding the Old Laws and how We are all in the situation We are in now globally because We have broken those Laws.  Virtually everyone.  To use money is to put a false Idol (Eye-Doll, eye on a Doll) before God.  The final law, the 10th Commandment is the most significant because it IS what allows for the gateway jump to the next dimension of human consciousness.  What is, Is.  And that’s Your IS-IS, or ISIS; an Idea of terror that exists in the Mind – it cannot exist anywhere else because terror is a psychological state.  What We need are United States of man, the man in His true Kingdom under God.

“Ten lords a-leaping” was representative of the Ten Commandments.



X. 10.  Though Shall not Covet!!!

I put three exclamation points behind each of the laws because three exclamation marks represent a King (a period, or point coming down from above, symbolized by the line above the dot – three in a row represents a Crown or King under God).

So I’m not teaching anything new here, these are not laws that We are not familiar with, they are common sense.  They are also the foundation of all laws that now exist so all We’re really doing is going back to basics.  The final law, ‘though shall not covet’, is the reason every other law in the Ten Commandments needed Writ.  The desire to keep things caused every other problem.  If You give every man everything needed, there is no cause for any disharmony anywhere.  It’s a pretty simple concept.

That’s why Words are Magic.  There is nothing that can undo the documents I created and there is no document on man’s earth that could ever legally dispute any of My documents.  Checkmate.  And I’ve played games like this, mate four or five moves away and My adversary is frantically looking for the ‘out’ – I already know there isn’t one but they generally play it out unless I’m playing a master.

So if We want to make this quantum jump, We Will have to take a Leap of faith in the Lord!!!  I told You there would be no coincidences.

Love and Blessings,

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