12 Days of Christ Mass Consciousness: 11 Pipers Piping

This was interesting research for Me because My ‘apostles’ are those in My personal life who have always felt that somehow, I would succeed in My task to accomplish peace on this earth.  How many they are, I don’t know.  But the 12 Days of Christ Mass Consciousness says the following about the 11 Pipers.

“Eleven pipers piping” was representative of the eleven faithful Disciples.

When I researched the 11 disciples with Google God, I found the following website and quote:

“These are the eleven original apostles/disciples. Disciples indicate followers of Jesus. The word Apostle come from the Greek word, meaning messenger or the combination of words to send out from, like an envoy of Jesus. To that end, anyone that Jesus sent to do a task became an apostle. We read of the 72 apostles that Jesus sent out. In addition, Mary was sent by Jesus to inform the other disciples of his resurrection and some recognize that as an act of making her an apostle. Romans 16 mentions the well-known apostles: Junias (female) and her cohort, Andronicus. Saul (killer of Christians) was called to be an apostle on the Road to Damascus, and became Paul. But of the original twelve apostles that Jesus called, only eleven remained faithful.”

This is kind of tricky for Me to explain because information does speak to Me a little differently than most.  I consider My apostles to be the followers of My Blog – the last ‘message’ from WordPress stats shows “Admin and 11 others followed Your Blog”.  So there’s My disciples.  I knew the 11 was not a coincidence, though I first saw the message well over a week ago.  Whoa!!!  Okay, so My stats are manipulated again!!!  😀  I’m not going to bother taking a screenshot unless someone requests I do so.  Literally as I was Writing the sentence about My disciples being the followers of My Blog, I decided to see how many followers I have in total – 14.  So I figured I would check to see who the last 10 were before Admin – it ONLY shows the last 11!!!  So there You go, My disciples are whoever is responsible for keeping these Words alive – thank You!!!  And I know they Will know how truly grateful I am.  In fact, every time I discover a little ‘message’ like this from the Universe, I Imagine how proud those sending Me the message must be to know that I not only found it but understand the importance and significance of it.

This is also how the Universe tells Me how to proceed.  I mentioned just yesterday that My political work is essentially done.  Unless I am miraculously surprised by a reply from someone, the rest of My Great Work Will continue here.  This entire Blog was created with this intention – that one day the world would find My Words.  I believe that is a reasonably effortless task to accomplish for those with the Power to make it happen and I have all the faith in the world.

I love You all so much, more coming soon!!!


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